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Regina Dance remix on myspace

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I've emailed both members of the band pretty balanced, and this is what they had to say:

"Wow, Remixa Spektor was a long time ago! I'm suprised it's still findable at the forum. I don't know if the forum links still work, so maybe you could post this updated link: there are two other remixes not on that page.. they are of Soup and

December. I don't know if they are shareable at the moment." - forest

"I have no idea whether Forest already replied to your email, but I'm feeling emaily, so if he has, I'll reply, too. We moved the Remixa links and deleted some, too, so the old ones

aren't going to work...I think someone's been hosting them on SoulSeek, if you have that, and want to go to the trouble. [There will be] No more Regina cover remixes, but Forest's solo project The Liberty Tax has two remixes of the original 'December' and 'The Soup' recordings somewhere around. When we're revamping the website for this fall, we'll make a much more comprehensive music downloads page." Judith

I was able to get the songs to work at the above link: I'm impressed! Wow, Judith really can sound like Regina!

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can someone post them again in another link please it doesn't work for me and i' dying to hear theemmmmmmmmmm pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasseeeesfjdhdfasdiasdpasdsdsdasd

,mercy me aahha

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