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  1. Hi Regina, can't wait to see you live for the first time in Stockholm tomorrow night. I wondered if you could dedicate a song to my dear friend Ada Ketchie, who is by all measures, your biggest fan, and who today lost her father Delmer Ogg Ketchie. She is one of the most amazing, generous, loving people I, and so many people know, and loosing her dad as such a young age is heartbreaking. Her connection to your music is unprecedented: she always sang beautifully (often your songs) and now has produced her own album and I know just how much is it inspired by your sound, lyrics and voice. In such a twist of faith, last year she acted as your official "stunt double" in the pre-production of your video How, in Seattle. She was beyond excited, and looked smashing. If you see this and could dedicate a song to her, I know it would make her so happy. Seeing you perform would inevitably had made me think of her anyway but grateful that your music will now allow me to feel connected to her on the other side of the world. Have a great show, stockholm is excited to have you.