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  1. Back of a Truck

    I believe that “Back of a Truck” is about an obese woman who suffers a terrible fate when her porch balcony collapses under her enormous weight, down onto a Bronx sidewalk below. The "dowg" / "monument" was the hot dog she ate just before the accident. As she lies there, badly injured, she has streams of consciousness and visions of some of the things she has seen from her porch over the years (street commerce, immigrant sweat shop workers walking home, police brutality, etc) . Meanwhile, numerous virtually useless factoids of information that she has apparently heard on the news continue to cloud her mind. As “the story gets hazy” and the “bad song” (i.e. the end of her life) begins to play out, she starts to lose consciousness. She has the realization that she has suffered a very serious head injury (“the hair gets too long” is a metaphor for the stream of blood coming from the back of her head). During this portion of the song, her subconscious pleads that the back of her head be made whole again, but it really is "much too late", just as the paramedics had said earlier in the song. The final moments of the song are the woman passing away, with a rather sensual groan. In the anti-folk music tradition, there is some social commentary about life's problems.....such as New York City's failed educational system and the self-centeredness of people, in general ( i.e., people putting their own egos ahead of their important professional responsibilities), like the woman’s former gym teacher who apparently did a very poor job of teaching her about good nutrition and physical fitness when she was in school, because he was too caught up in himself. Also, “geraniums", when portrayed in art and literature, often imply that their owner is a rather unsophisticated person. Yet, it's ironic, that even the geraniums in New York City fancy themselves to be out of this world (i.e., "alien pods"). Anyway, that is what I got out of this song. It happens to be one of my favorite songs of any genre. This song is the epitome of right-brain creativity by one of the most gifted artists I know. It is absolutely brilliant and still brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it.