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  1. Regina on West Coast Next Month

    The first print review I have found which has some nice things to say about Regi (along with Jakob Dylan's introduction)
  2. pictures and videos of interest...

    From the Orpheum show last night..
  3. Regina on West Coast Next Month

    well, it appears that Regina sang on Monday Monday and Expecting to fly (which I always found an exquisite song)...
  4. Regina on West Coast Next Month

    Well some lucky person took this... more as it develops..
  5. Regina on West Coast Next Month

    Nice write on Regina (from the Soviet Kitsch days) in support of the concert tonight.. looking forward to review and videos!
  6. Regina on West Coast Next Month

    Speaking of which.. an update from Regi on Facebook today... Hey guys! The first Echo In The Canyon show is sold out but a second show has been added at 1030pm on Monday October 12. Both shows will be at THE ORPHEUM THEATRE in Los Angeles. You can get tickets at the link below. Cheers, regi
  7. Regina on West Coast Next Month

    I don't know, Regina seems to be spending a lot of time out there... maybe that is where she is recording her new album? (hopefully).... She seems to be too much of an East Coast person, and you would think that she might mention this on twitter or Facebook but who knows?
  8. Regina on West Coast Next Month

    Hi all; I thought this warranted a separate thread.. Those of you lucky enough to be on the West Coast (where Regina seems to be spending a lot of time lately) can catch her next month, and she is also featured on a new album by Jakob Dylan! From her Facebook Page Hi everyone! I'm excited to be singing a couple of songs I recorded withJakob Dylan for his new record on October 12th in LA! The record is all beautiful covers of California folk rock songs from the 60's and there will be lots of great musicians playing that night! More info below! Cheers, regi Echo In The Canyon – Oct 12 at the Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles Tickets On Sale Friday at 10AM here:
  9. pictures and videos of interest...

    From Tumblr.... this is so Regina!
  10. pictures and videos of interest...

    A nice mention of Regina's cover of Real Love here... I made a brief comment so to as introduce newcomers to Regi and dispel any conception that she is a cover artist
  11. pictures and videos of interest...

    From Tumblr; Regina making a point:
  12. The Complete Spektography: An Update

    I am not sure about attachments, but there are many free sites which will let you post a document which allow public access and you can share the ink. Dropbox is but one example, Google Drive is but another. Hope this helps...
  13. pictures and videos of interest...

    From Tumblr:
  14. Regina and Ben Folds together again!! You Don't Know Me live

    I am adding this on to the thread.... Interesting tidbit from Ben Folds about Regina and Miley Cyrus of all people... What do you think about Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift? How do you feel about women in this generation of music? I think the people making that music are pretty smart and they know it. I have been in a text/email/pen pal relationship with Miley Cyrus since she was 14. I think she’s a really smart chick, and she’s really talented and bright, too. When we first started talking, she wanted to know about Regina Spektor. She’s obviously not gone in the same way. Intelligence and independence in a female voice, lyrically and vocally, is nothing but attractive. For girls, it doesn’t need to be “F--k you, I’m my own person. Hear my roar and growl.” What I hear is them being themselves and not having to be overtly feminist. I want to hear girls sing with their whole voice more. Not just the top part. Don’t hide behind girly shit. Sing with your alto range! I like schizophrenic artists. They make me happy. The entire interview:
  15. pictures and videos of interest...

    Another cool one I hadn't seen yet