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  1. Dance Anthem Of The 80's

    I think that the "meat market" is sort of supposed to put the sexual desires in your face. It says "An addiction to hands and feet/ there's a meet market down the street". To me, this says that if people are so addicted to flesh and touching "hands and feet" that they should just as easily find their fill at a meat market filled with the flesh of dead animals. I can see how many people see this song as one about how people are sexual but want to be relational, but I saw it as the opposite when I first heard it. To me it sounds like society is being called out for being cheap with their love and for seeing people as only objects instead of for their full human characteristics. They/we are being called out for acting "sweet" when they are out on dates or "eating" but the entire time they are envisioning what it would be like to spend the night with the other person or to "sleep" with them. I imagine at the same time that when she says "I am one of your people, but the cars don't stop" that she is saying that she belongs to the city physically in that everyone knows her body/ everyone has slept with her "with my slip/ shown a little", but at the same time the cars not stopping shows that even though they can see her they don't care about her because they never saw her as a real person, but as a piece of meat.