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  1. Carbon Monoxide

    I love this song, to me it reminds me of my teenager times, when I'd spent hours everyday in bed with my girlfriend. Life seemed a paradise then, a constant paradise. And I think we both felt on top of the world... We were students, hadn't jobs to keep, felt the coolest in the world, like we were living the dream that everyone wanted to live. No one would notice if we were gone (died) because we were so much into one another, it's really like the rest of the world was part of the landscape... The "come on daddy"... that was the whole of the day... because I mean, we lived to be with each other, to kiss and so on... even when we were in classes or doing homework we'd be thinking of the moment when we'd be together again... "Carbon monoxide" because, as beautiful as it was, it's a kind of dying to the world. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it's a life that, doesn't really produce anything except a lot of pleasurable love and sensations. So I guess, from the point of view of someone who actually wants to succeed in society, it would be a bad thing. A kind of carbon monoxide (poison that doesn't feel like poison, only makes you sleepy / inattentive.) And, also, if you're not rich, it'll probably stop working when you have to start paying the bills. But I guess the strongest interpretation is that it kills you to everything and everybody else, because the only thing in the world is that person, that room, that bed, that love, that immense, gorgeous, gleeful love dancing in our eyes.
  2. Eet

    Hi, I think it’s my first post here, so let me just say that I just love Regina’s songs, from the first album, as soon as I started to ear… tears of joy came tumbling down my eyes. Today Regina still has a very special place in my heart and I feel so grateful for her songs and her presence at stage. I really think a lot about the Regina's lyrics, and I agree with rainna that “I definitely think that there are no right or wrong interpretations when talking about lyrics. We understand them differently because we are different.” I think the interpretations I read here of this song make a lot sense and they enriched my experience of the song. I’m presenting another one, which has to do with who I am and what I am living at present. So this is as much about me as about the song… and, sometimes, I feel like I’m “in the flow”, where creativity and pleasure just flow together easily. This song reminds me of this flow state in this part: “You were always singing along It was so easy and the words so sweet” For me this also is connected with another song from Regina “Consequence of Sounds”: “The consequence of sounds Got a soundtrack in my mind, All the time. […] And I'd like to turn them down But there ain't no knob.” I associate both songs, because, for me, they are talking about the same thing: inspiration, living in the moment, just feeling free, like the world is inside of you, trying to speak out through you. Like you’re a vehicle of some kind and the freer you are, the more it talks through you. In that sense it also reminds me of other songs by other artists, like Caetano’s “Alegria, Alegria”, or Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind” and “Mr Tambourine Man”. But whereas “consequence of sounds” is talking about not being able to turn down the sound of the powerful and unending inspiration inside, in Eet it’s different: “You spent half of your life trying to fall behind You're using your headphones to drown out your mind” Here the attempt to turn down the knob, fall behind or “drown out your mind” is in the past… For me this makes a lot of sense, especially in this stage of my life, where I fell madly in love, and it seems I got so connected and lost in this person (or the image I have of her) and so disconnected from myself, and from a source that I could find when I felt utterly alone and independent in my walk in life... Now, I’m trying to build my dreams with her, but I feel like there is some dishonesty in all of this… like if I’m lying to her, and mainly to myself, just to make this more-than-wonderful love to work out. So, in this sense, the song also makes sense for me, because there’s like a sin that makes me fall. In this case the song talks about “Someone's deciding whether or not to steal” And that’s what I’m doing, deciding whether I’ll go forwards with stealing this happiness that is not for me, this intense, crazy, but ultimately alienating love, or if I shall stick with my lonely, and perhaps smaller and meaningless, but truer life. Going forward with falling in love, stealing this wonderful feeling, feeling finally at home and safe, feeling loved and that I achieved all that I wanted for so long… it’s just… at hand… it’s just “falling” in love… But then, opening the window “just to feel the chill” I can see what will happen, my true voice will be suppressed… “Cause it's his turn but his brother won't let him try” In other words, it’s the turn of my independent inner spirit to talk, to say the craziest thing coming from nowhere, coming from the Tambourine man, to try to be whatever it feels like being, even if doesn’t fit. To feel the beat and let my feet flow to wherever the music, the world, free creativity, sends me. But the “brother”, the false me, the loved me, the attached me, won’t let the true voice try, to come up. Because it knows that it would break everything: this perfect life, this perfect love. In life, at this particular moment at least, I feel that I have to make a choice, to steal a happiness that is not for me, or to be free and true to myself. I can be happy, extremely happy, and live a huge love affair… But… I will lose my feet in the process, the beat that guides my life. Do I want that? No. I prefer to be miserable with a beat, with my feet, to be free, blowing in the wind, to that sound of the Tambourine man. I’ll keep the beat and my feet. And I won’t say sorry to my Love, because I feel that, in reality, that’s the only true way to be me with her. That’s the only path I can see for a true meeting of the souls. Everything else is partially pretending. And I don't want to pretend. The “beet”, that Regina talks about, I think, is precisely a consequence of living a true life. It is the distinguishing mark of a “true life”. Not only do you feel inspired, but you follow your inspiration. You are true to the tune, to your true self, following the consequences, and this is what keeps you in the flow. Whereas stealing a perfect but fake life will leave you with just the (f]eet part, a kind of longing of what it used to be, to live in the flow, to be connected with your own source, without being really able to remember how it was fully, although the memory of it still sparks. So I’ll just dance and dance to this song… As I slowly regain myself and my path, my tambourine man, my beat and my feet. Sorry, it’s a kind of different interpretation, perhaps very far away from what Regina intended or felt. But… you know, that’s what I’m feeling now when I listen to it. Just sharing with you…