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    I love all things hedgehogs and have one that will hopefully one day be my class pet in a classroom. His name is Loki after the Norse god of mischief. I enjoy cooking New Mexican food like Navajo tacos but really I'm up for cooking anything! I have not fully mastered baking but can follow directions and have produced some pretty stellar desserts:) I really enjoy riding my bike when the weather is nice- for five full years, biking was my main transportation so I have a lot of respect for the cyclist on the road. I love sea foam green, the taste of lavender in things like jam or ice cream and bartlett pears.

    In terms of what I do, I'm currently studying Elementary education and apparently taking the scenic route through my years at the university I attend. This study will perhaps not end post bachelors or masters degree because being an educator means that one is constantly learning. I expect to continually encounter great books about education in the classrooms and hope to find more books about behavior in the classroom.

    Aside from my current life as a student, I work at a theater where I do a little bit of everything; (including binge watching movies) barista, ticket lady, concessions, janitorial duties and everything in between.

    Favorite musicians are Sam Beam or Iron and Wine, Regina Spektor, Sarah Toussaint, Sufjan Stevens... There are sooo many more but these are the ones that have continuously influenced me in the past decade :)
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  1. Remember Us To Life tour!

    Yay! Can't wait to finally see a Regina Spektor concert!!!