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  1. Apres Moi

    Hi! Your version is sooo interesting and well-grounded! Mine was absolutely different! My whole theory was based on the phrase "Apres moi...". It is widely used in Russian (my native language) in a negative sense and it actually means "I don't give a shit for what happens after I'm gone. I only care about myself and of how I live today. I don't think about the future or other people." There's also a similar ancient Greek saying meaning the same. So, I thought the song was a sort of sarcasm about being indifferent to the people in need or in trouble (the lame, the old, the cold as in "homeless"). That we try to avoid helping them, dealing with them, as if they might cause harm to us. And the first four lines (I must go on standing etc.) mean "I can't do anything about the problem, it's beyond my will and power, it's the system to blame, not me. I am only a part of the big machine, I don't belong to myself and it's not me who can change anything alone." Does it sound crazy to you? Now that I've read your interpretation, I think mine is far from reality.