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  1. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    Hey there Stixers! So I got home about an hour ago, and I'm exhausted so this might be just slightly incoherent. My last class ended at 12 and I couldn't leave for New York till then unfortunately. After some long train/subway rides, and also lots of sprinting places/running into people, I made it to the Youtube office at about 3:15. Serge had been there from 12:30 on, and he's pretty much the only reason I got a front row view (which I really really regret not giving to him, because he deserved it a million times over for being there for ages). We waited for a few minutes, and it was extreeeemely lax - in case this ever happens again, these shows have no regulation/security whatsoever. It was incredibly easy to sneak into the line/pretend you were someone's guest, and there weren't too many people. They finally let us move upstairs to the room, and Serge and I grabbed some awesome seats. At this point I go into the bathroom being super excited and all lalala in my head. A friend I had met waiting on line and I were walking out of the bathroom when someone walks in. I however am the most oblivious, in my head person in this universe, no matter what's right in front of me, so when the girl behind me literally grabbed me by the shoulders and went "THAT WAS HER" I literally had NO idea what she was talking about. Turned around and of course the back of Regina's head ("that's myyyyy back of a head" Ok I had to) is walking in, and I did not acknowledge her existence whatsoever. We literally BRUSHED SHOULDERS and I wouldn't have had a clue (thinking back and talking it over with Serge, this was probably for the best - how awkward would my freakout have been when she was just trying to use the bathroom undisturbed lol). Also this was my not so good part of the night - I left my ring in the bathroom and never found it again Wah. After that excitement, we just chatted with people around us, and then the show started!! I had a much different reaction than some of you guys - I really loved it (then again, I was staring straight at the cellist and was just mesmerized - have never been that close before, he was incredible!!). I SUPER liked that the audience was very quiet during the songs - probably cause it was live tv kind of stuff, and not an actual show. The sound was lovely. The interview I didn't find too awkward, but honestly I didn't look once at the interviewer, or really pay attention to him (though I agree - interesting voice lol). I was totally glued on Regina - she was so sweet and adorable and smart and just awesomely awesome with her answers. We made eye contact once or twice (or maybe I imagined eye contact, whatevs, same thing), and I probably could have melted at the spot. Then it was over and she disappeared. I looked for my ring for a bit, then went out into this lounge-like/waiting area where a few other people were waiting for Regina to come out. The crowd cleared really fast, especially after one of the security people said that she wouldn't be out for a very very long time. So I sat in a chair and started homework I thought I'd be working on for a few hours - of course in 20 minutes Regina comes out! I have a sneaking suspicion that the Google interns conspired to make this happen - there was about 12 people waiting, and maybe 7 of them were Google interns. Regina was so surprised to see us, like she wasn't expecting us whatsoever, but the Google people showing her around were all "OMG these are your most dedicated fans, everyone else left, aren't they awesome, etc etc". I feel like the interns and the security people led her into a trap... Lmao or maybe I have an overactive imagination. Regardless, she was very sweet as always, and signed everyone's stuff (even though there was a few (I thought) kind of obnoxious people who weren't really fans of her but had brought a million things for her to sign for their friends..). She signed my copy of WWSFTCS, and I got a blurry picture, but I was a veeerrrrry happy camper! That's all I think - I'm going to go pass out. I hope the video goes up soon - I want to see how it looked like streamed/what happened when I wasn't too distracted staring at Regina and/or her cellist
  2. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    quote: Originally posted by sandy13: No worries! I hope that you have a blast Not sure how to post a non-public message. Thanks again! Sent! You can edit your post and delete your email!
  3. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    Hey sandy! Sorry but someone's already claimed it send me your email and I'll forward you all the info!
  4. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    Hey all! Sorry this is so last minute - first my brother was supposed to come, then I messaged a few people and it seems like no one can make it to the show with me! Who wants to be my +1 for the secret show tomorrow?! I emailed back Regina's crew (whoever it was that sent the email) and they confirmed that everyone still gets to have a +1 (even though the email mentioned nothing about it). Entrance is at 3 pm (show starts at 4) but it's first come first served, so I'm going to try to get there by 2. Also, if there's a lot of you who still want to go, I'm sure that if you wait around with everyone, you'll find people who haven't brought a +1!
  5. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    quote: Originally posted by himynameism: This really sucks but I am happy for you marija! Did anyone else get an email? Do you think they sent them all out today? I can't understand why they would act like it was going til the 2nd when really they picked today. Maybe they are choosing some every day until then? I'm trying to stay optimistic but I'm feeling pretty bummed out right now I wouldn't be bummed out just yet.. Maybe they're releasing the emails not all together, and in waves instead? I feel like they wouldn't lie about the "you have until June 2nd" thing.
  6. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    Just got the email - I was selected!! Unfortunately I think that they gave out more tickets than the expected 200 - it says first come, first served Show starts at 4 pm (it's the Youtube one) and entrance is at 3, but I definitely won't be able to get into the city until around 3 (2:30 if I'm lucky). I really hope I make it in on time...
  7. 2012-05-31(Le) Poisson Rouge, Bleecker St, NYC!

    quote: Originally posted by Czech it out: Hi if you cant get in w your dad- I'd be willing to pay for your spot I unfortunately missed the giveaway and really want to go! I can give you my email or #..thanks! No no no, no paying for any spot! Lol I got it for free, you can have it for free! Edit: I'm going to try to see if I can get in, and if I don't I really hope someone will be able to go in in my place, even though it's so last minute. Otherwise I'll feel terrible (also that my dad will get to see her while I dejectedly take a bus home lol).
  8. quote: Originally posted by porcupine-ologist: I googled "fat guy in a little coat" because it's such a strange thing to graffiti i wondered if it's from somewhere. Is it a reference to this movie clip? Or is that title just a coincidence? My brother said it was from SNL? But I have no clue. I just hope tambourine man sticks around.
  9. 2012-05-31(Le) Poisson Rouge, Bleecker St, NYC!

    quote: Originally posted by ReginaFan2012: It's a shame because we are such true devoted fans. I noticed this on Craigslist just now. This seems so fake. Regina Spektor's playing at the the intimate Le Poisson Rouge in the L.E.S.! $50 will get you AND a plus one an RSVP. Doors are at 9pm on May 31st. Understand that this event is overbooked, and is first come, first serve for RSVPs. Show up at 8pm, I can almost guarantee you'll get in, any later you're taking chances. The original RSVPs from Brown Paper Tickets sold out very quickly, so this is the only way to possibly get in if you didn't get an RSVP! I take Paypal. Once I receive payment, I'll send you the link that allows you to add yourself to the will-call pickup list. I don't think it's legitimate. There's no will-call pickup list? I managed to get a ticket under my dad's name and the only way that the name can be changed is if the person who originally got the ticket changes the name within 12 hours. This seems sketch. I was going to offer the tickets to someone here, but my dad really wants to go and is pretty sure (too sure in fact...) he can get me in. I don't think so, so if anyone is hanging around at the time, you can be his +1 when I get rejected
  10. 2012-05-31(Le) Poisson Rouge, Bleecker St, NYC!

    Venue is 21+ ... What are the chances I won't get carded if I get tickets under my dad's name and go with him? Lol, the woes of being underage.
  11. quote: Originally posted by Wishful Friend: Haha I have already looked into cross-Atlantic plane tickets, but $1200 are slightly out of my price range. (Though I seriously contemplated it. I mean, I don't want my passport to go to waste! ) but I was thinking if 400 miles was worth it this time, what is another 100, or even 200 miles to see her? I would like to get the best seats possible next time though. Does she ever have VIP tickets or anything where you can meet her backstage? No VIP, but she has been doing pre-sales! If you sign up for her email list/follow her twitter, you'll get the dates for them. After that, getting great seats is a matter of how quickly you can press buttons on the website (and luck)
  12. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    LOL Mikaela. So subtle, I barely noticed. I'm glad I was the chosen shoulder for her to rest her hands on
  13. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    quote: Originally posted by RedRyder: Haha I remember you. "you have crazy eyes!" Haha, that wasn't actually me! I was just behind whoever that was - I took a picture with her though (thanks to Betsy!) and looking at it this morning... my eyes were indeed crazy
  14. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    The show was absolutely incredible I have to agree with mcl - I went to Wellmont Theater too, and there was something about this atmosphere that was so much more breathtaking. I may or may not have cried a few times during the show. Everyone's already explained everything - all I can say is, I really need to stop freezing up when I meet Regina (and that crazy eyes are a real thing, and apparently an epidemic when it comes to pictures with Regina). Also Betsy - I love the group photo!
  15. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    Wish I'd gotten to stay and meet her, but my brother was freezing and I had a 9 am exam the next morning in Connecticut.. whoops lol. But it was amazing! Ballad of a Politician literally took my breath away. Also, getting to meet some of you Stixers in real life was great