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  1. New music we should all hear

    oups, i mess up, i didn't want to make that post a poll...well to late now lol
  2. New music we should all hear

    quote: Originally posted by stwongbad85: i hadnt been to crazy about any of the other recomendations on the message board (no offense to anyones taste)...............but this is awsome thank you very much I take that as a compliment. If you like those artists you may also like these :- Air (but I'm quite sure you've heard about it already). It's an electronic band from Versaille in France, and their music is really pretty, they made an album for Sofia Coppola's movie "Virgin Suicides" -Saturaday Looks Good to Me : imagine the Shangri-Las meeting The Supremes, it's charming really. -Cat Power : (you must have heard about her too).Wonderfull soft voice girl playing blues guitar
  3. New music we should all hear

    yeah , I've heard of Alexi Murdoch and Patrick Park but i don't like it, they're on the OC soundtrack aren't they? arg..I hate that tv show. I kinda like Mia Doi Todd though, weirdly she remind me of Bjork. I'd like to hear this Lasha girl, she seems pretty interesting...