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  1. Regina is everywhere

    Yowza! That was so good. I love it when she sings jazzy stuff. I think it's kind of rare to hear her voice get as deep as she gets it in this song. Many singers who have that really high register have a hard time with the low. Of course Regina can do both .
  2. Regina is everywhere

    Wow oh wow! A new song!!!! Funny with Regina; I will never express pressure to her about 'when is the next song or album. Never ever ever! Not ever!! Never would I do that!!! I have a thing about myself and Regina's music. It's done so much for me, that I never want to express a hurrying or anything close to that. Her going her own natural way & pace is what brought me here in the first place. Her creative juices need to stay with her and her only. She's important to music. Plus her last couple years have included marriage and baby. Life consuming things. It's a gift to get any new stuff during these life changing things. But I do bite my nails of when her next thing is going to happen.. .
  3. "Stupid Things" by Sarah Dooley

    At the risk of sounding creepy - Is it just me or does the mouth area of Gwen Stefani look a little Regina-ish? I've been watching The Voice and every time she's smiling or some little mannerism flashes of Regina. It's been giving me this little warm liking toward Gwen Stefani. I already kind of liked her. But these little Regina glimmers make it more .
  4. The New Record

    I get the same way when she performs. Not so much concerts, but, whatever show has TV cameras. She can get a little nervous at those (bless her heart). Too controlled an environment I think. She needs it free flowing. I also react like you when she kills it. I literally do punch the air. With a small jump up, included . Even if I'm by myself I do that. Quite embarrassing if anyone saw . It's like you want everyone to see how truly great she is. It's like showing off your kid or something. I don't know exactly how to explain it. But when you said you felt triumphant, I can tell you get it. It's weird her effect. I feel personally triumphant when she does good. It's like saying "I told you so", or "Didn't I tell you so", something like that. The studio versions of her songs are beauties too me. Live, Studio, Outtake, Demo, Just a Piano, I'll take it all from her. I'm not one to compare versions. I trust her no matter what. Negative talk about 'too many instruments' or, 'over produced', I say Phooey! I want that magic brain of her unswayed by criticism. She needs to Regina her music in any flippin' way she wants with 100% support from us. To me it takes a lot of nerve to scrutinize anything she does. Not that criticism is a bad thing in life, but not her. Not Regina. Too unique. Too special .
  5. The New Record

    one of my favorite versions too. I watched this over and over when it was new. This was right when 'far' was coming out. I wanted to post a review of this from back then that I had read, but I couldn't find it. To paraphrase, it ranted and raved over this being a jaw dropping performance. The article said something like it just stopped everybody cold. Magical, mesmerizing, nothing else that night came close, kind of comments. Wish I could've found it, cause I swear it said stuff like that . I remember her saying she didn't feel that good that night. You can kind of tell. Not in the performance!! And she looks great!! But in her eyes. I guess I've watched her so many times, I can kind of see it when she doesn't feel well. (Isn't just like a fan to think they can read her ) But, isn't it just like her to be as good as this, even under the weather.
  6. pictures and videos of interest...

    Yeah, those two guys behind her have no idea who is just a few feet away. I love thinking of that. Makes you wonder how many times any of us could have been that close to someone famous and just didn't know it.
  7. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    I thought I'd seen your name for awhile already, but if not, welcome. I was a little nuts like that too when I first came on here. I've toned down a smidge, although I'm still as appreciative of the lady as I ever was, maybe just a little more mature about it. Maybe. Of course that can change at the turn of a new Regina anything .
  8. Dublin review

    This review says some pretty good things. Has a pretty good grip on how it is with Regina. (I thought so anyway). I've tried to explain her in some of the same way.
  9. Regina show announced in Dublin

    Cool little article: This article is actually pre the Glasgow concert. oops! . Oh well, it wasn't much about the concert anyway. P.S. - how do you delete a whole post if you want to move it. I tried.
  10. Showing RespeKt

    Sorry if a topic covers something like this already, if so, I couldn't find it. Sometimes there are expressions and comments about Regina that aren't really interviews or reviews or full articles that I think are worthy of mention just to read about her praises and feel all proud when someone gives her good mention. Don't know about you, but I like to read them. So here's one I found today: Tim McGraw (of all people) snippet of an interview: What’s the last song you downloaded? Imogen? [pause] Imogen Heap. That real weird thing ... Sometimes I’ll run across things that my daughters like. Like Regina Spektor. My daughter was listening to her the other day and that was the first time I heard her and I was like, "Man that’s really cool stuff." So, I’m not very adventurous when it comes to looking for stuff, but I’ll run across stuff and start liking things because of the kids. Full interview if you want: And I have others, but I gonna see first how well this subject takes off .
  11. New Song - Blood Of Eden

    Only an article saying it's coming:,d.cGE&cad=rja
  12. a new artist doing Regina justice

    Just stumbled on to this. Really great cover!! Being creative with a Regina song? Who woulda thought?
  13. European Summer Tour 2013

    Another song, another winner. That was awesome! It's sounds so good live. She's just got the midas touch doesn't she? Never a bomb, never a dud. Everything she does is always at least really really good. That's the worst it gets for her. And though she's really been around awhile now and has a huge catalogue of music already, doesn't it still seem like she's still in the beginnings of her career? It has that feeling for me still. Can't explain it. Maybe it's just me. Discovery and appreciation of her by most has been so slow, maybe it's that. Not a flash in the pan by no means, but not an overnight success by no means either, but she just grows. She never has setbacks, she only rises, and it's so steady and solid. Never seen anything quite like it.
  14. Regina is everywhere

    Yes, the Greek Theater and she played 'Small Town Moon' & 'Call Them Brothers' with Jack Dishel
  15. Regina is everywhere

    It was a repeat. Actually, I think that was the third time for that episode, at least the Regina part. I still had to watch it though. Of course .