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  1. New York Rhapsody on PBS

    Bought the dvd since the stream will not be there forever and, for some reason (probably SIre) she is not on the CD. Someone more talented than me will have to rip Moon River to pass along to all of us. It was and is incredible and proves again that we need an album of standards from her
  2. Town Hall, NYC, October 17, 2016

    I could have sworn the email I got the other day said the pre-sale started at 10AM Eastern time today, but when we reached that minute it switched to tomorrow. Was I seeing things? I am so hopeful of going to this show. The idea of seeing Regina on Sukkot seems truly fitting.
  3. reg in the news

    Except for the last one, which I will now look into, each one of these artists and songs are among my all time favorites. It is stunning. Thanks. (This is headed for FB).
  4. Regina is everywhere

    Thanks. I think the mike that Stephen and Regi were at was not working.
  5. The New Record

    Keep in mind folks that motherhood can take a lot of a person's time. I am a dad ( which can be hard enough, but nothing as difficult as motherhood).
  6. Regina is everywhere

    He is wishing for her but I don't think can happen.(The ballpark is, btw, hideous).
  7. Regina is everywhere

    I am a huge, lifelong fan of the Boston Red Sox, (and love my Bruins and Celtics, too) but football has never meant that much to me. But I am a New Englander by birth and the Patriots are playing, so I feel required to have it on. It was not going well, the Pats down 14-0, and my general disnterest in the whole thing starting to come on, when suddenly a commercial, with Ben Folds' You Don't Know Me, featuring one Regina Spektor popped on, I became much happier and the Patriots scored a quick touchdown. (As always, I missed what product was being sold, so pleased was I to hear Regina singing). I may start to watch more football.
  8. Irving Plaza - 19 November 2014

    I would love to go, but the idea of standing at Irving Plaza (which I have done previously) is too much to bear.
  9. Love Me or Leave Me

    Good point. Foster means a lot beyond the usual music circles.
  10. Love Me or Leave Me

    Yes. I hear the Holliday influence but Giordano and the Night Hawks (who, I think, are as perfect at what they do as anyone can be) has Regina singing it much more up tempo than Billie's version (at least the one I have on my Ipod). But I so remember the 1960s Nina Simone with the semi-classical piano break in the middle. In those days, a female singer playing the piano as she sang, and doing so with great skill, was very rare and, well, that describes Someone Else quite well. This thing is just so great.
  11. Aside from being the first new Regina recording in way too long a time (motherhood probably does that to a person), this abso-bleeping-lutely spectacular recording of a much recorded well known standard (and, yes, I know the Nina Simone version probably attracted Regina to it) is another reminder (as with My Man, her previous Boardwalk Empire/Vince Giordano recording) of how incredibly versatile and talented our Regi is: I love her own stuff, beyond all words, but, if she does not record a full album of standards, with that incredible voice she has, the world will be poorer beyond belief. I am not a fan of this expression, but it applies to this recording in all of its meanings: Oh, my God!!!
  12. Barnes & Noble (NYC), August 18, 2009

    It was five years ago. The first time I saw Regina live and in person. Many, many times since. But five years ago tonight was the first time. I was a Reginaholic before then, but incurably so after the event at Barnes & Noble five years ago right now, or so. Just thought I should mention a momentous occasion.
  13. Regina is everywhere

    Not that I expect her to tell us about every concert she attends, she had so many nice things to say about Neil Young's show at Carnegie Hall in January, I am slightly surprised she said nothing about Tori Amos'. The album, in my opinion, is quite interesting as all of Tori Amos' are, but, not always easy to follow. But the woman loves her piano, and her classical past and, well, you know....
  14. Lady

    This might be slightly easier to figure out if you know that the great saxophonist Lester Young caled Billie Holliday "Lady Day" a nickname that almost took theplace of her real name. So, ummm, "Lady sings the blues..." can really mean only one person (unless Lady Gaga takes to the blues, I suppose). Maybe these two clips will answer this question for you. Regina's own version of My Man: Regina doing the original (famously recorded by many including, of course, Streisand), but, probably most notably: by Lady Day,who Regina clearly channels: OK,here's the Lady herself: or, more recently:
  15. regina is going to be a mommy!

    I am sure that just as so many feel, I find myself as happy for two people I have met exactly once (tho I have seen Regina play about a half dozen times and Jack three times) as for a family member. A thousand ancient prayers come to mind with the word bruchha. Somewhere lurking around.