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  1. I have a question, or rather I'm asking for suggestions. I have recently started jogging regularly again, and I am sick to death of half the songs on my playlist. This playlist is the only thing that keeps me going half the time, so I would love some suggestions of more indie/alternative (basically, outside Top 40 radio) songs that would fit the mix. Just to avoid repetition, here's what I already have:

    Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Titanium ft. Sia

    Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

    Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis

    Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris and Florence Welch

    Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys

    Immigrant Song by Karen O

    Hung Up by Madonna

    Zero by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Under Cover of Darkness by The Strokes

    Lights by Ellie Goulding

    Would love to hear everyone's thoughts/discover something new!

  2. I just recently binge-watched Battlestar Galactica. I'm usually a bit skittish around Sci-fi (just a little, owing to some associations with an ex :wacko: ), but I read a really interesting book called "The Revolution was Televised" about the renaissance of tv in the 2000s, and it was listed amongst other great shows (Lost, The Sopranos, Buffy, Breaking Bad) so I decided to watch it. "Portlandia" perfectly captured my experience watching the show: this . I also have started to say Frak instead of the real-world alternative, if that says anything... :blink:

  3. Speaking from experience, I would start with Begin to Hope because it is a bit more...I don't know if accessible is the right word. I think of it as a bit less intimidating in terms of Regina's strong style. It's has a bit more of the mainstream (Fidelity, Samson) mixed in with the unique and odd-ball stuff (Music Box, That Time, etc...). I feel like Soviet Kitsch leans a bit more towards the latter (maybe excepting Us). I think if you are trying to introduce someone to her body of work, they need to sort of ease into the more stripped down stuff. Of course, I know this will differ from person to person. This is just what I've found when people ask. It's almost easier to make a mix cd--I definitely have a playlist on my Ipod that is called "Intro to Respekt."

    PS I just want to note that I'm not thinking in terms of better/worse. The songs I mention happen to be some of my favorites :)

  4. It's bad news that I just noticed this thread before finals. So many videos to watch instead of looking at note cards!

    A vlogger who I've recently discovered is Tyranosauruslexx, or just Lex. She is very funny. The video that first caught my attention was

    . Fair warning, though, the videos may rub some people the wrong way. I tend to enjoy the snark. Smiler

    AND I just remembered Kingsley . He used to go to my college, so that's kinda cool. The best word to describe him is RIDICULOUS!

  5. ^^That is so cool!

    To compound on my exciting/nerve-wracking study abroad trip to Lancaster, I was accepted to an archaeological field school in Lincoln! This is extremely exciting, but something else to plan for. But right now, I'm just gonna be excited.

    (I'll add another "excited" here for good measure.)

  6. If she wants to find and stop the leak, she could do something similar to Adele and spread around different versions of some sort of content to different people, and whichever leaks will reveal who's doing it. That is definitely a double-edged sword, though; on one hand, you stop [some of] the leaks, but on the other you may lose a friend or colleague. A sucky situation for the artist, however you want to play it.

    Also, do those of us who do give in to the temptation of the leaks engage in Spekulation?

  7. In sort of a follow-up to a rant I wrote (in the Rants section, as it were) about a month ago, I was accepted into the study abroad program I applied for! I get to go to Lancaster University next fall! So if anyone has any suggestions of things to do/places to see around there I would love to hear it. The next thing I have to do is apply for the archaeological field school in Lincoln. If all things go well, I'll get to spend around 6 months in the UK! I'm so excited!

  8. quote:
    I agree with RJLupin2, it was more like old Russian home movies that bring a bittersweet sense of nostalgia rather than trying to be artsy/indie/instagramy.

    I didn't really mean that it was "instagramy" (if that isn't a thing, it should be Smiler ) to be indy or edgy, but that it's one way to age and degrade the footage (like films that use digital footage then use some sort of software to make it look like VHS). I have to agree with makingstuffup that it is not my favorite effect in this age where we can take better photographs and make clearer images than ever before. But it does create a sense of nostalgia by using the dated [super 8?] look. Hopefully more info will surface!

    (That is to say, I like the effect in this video)

  9. Porcupine-ology: A)That doesn't seem creepy at all (reading that back, it sounds sarcastic, but I don't mean it to be Smiler) B) Thanks for bringing that up. I was thinking the other day if it maybe had something to do with the whole Megavideo/Megaupload thing and the proposed legislation that has been all over the news. I don't know what it was, but it would seem that Google didn't like it. I think I heard somewhere that tumblr is under a lot of pressure from various groups to enforce copyright, Since there is no real protocol for that, maybe they are overreacting?

    This is minor...well, maybe not because it affects my immediate future drastically. Anyway, I'm currently applying to study abroad for a semester at Lancaster University. I finished every single part of the application that I could as early as possible. It is now February 19, and this thing I've been working on for a good 3 months is due TOMORROW, and I'm still missing a letter of recommendation. I emailed the person writing last week. She responded YESTERDAY that she has started it. I'm just having a small heart attack and losing sleep because I've been keeping myself awake worrying. I just would like things to work out.

  10. I agree with what has been said.

    Another reason people may avoid her is because many of her songs, even more mainstream ones like Fidelity or Better, have those strange vocalizations that we love so well. They aren't easy songs to sing, and even if you are able to sing them, it is difficult to sing them well. There are a great many covers on youtube that attest to this.

    I would love to see someone perform one of her songs, though. It annoys me a bit that Florence Welch, who is a relative newcomer, has performed on the X Factor US/UK and on the German Voice. I would LOVE to see some Regina on the Voice.

  11. This seems as good a place as any to write this, so:

    I was listening to Ella Fitzgerald on a long plane ride recently, and got half-way through the album before I had an epiphany moment: early Regina sounds SO MUCH like her! I'm sure this has been written about elsewhere, but it finally clicked for me in that moment. On the plane. Where I had a little fit. Thankfully I was sitting alone in my aisle and the people around me all know me well. A nice little Regina moment at 20,000 feet above the ground.