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  1. The Chicago show!

    Sounds like an amazing show! Thanks for posting! Are there any videos of the show?
  2. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

  3. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

  4. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

    I was expecting to hear Stay or Party Upstairs but all new songs???? Never would I have guessed that. In a way, it may be nice to hear all new songs because she may have a new concept or arch going on in the new album and it would be difficult to choose an older song to put amongst newer and different ones? Just a thought.
  5. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

    The single should come as a link to a download in an email. Did you not get an email?

    Pre-ordered the vinyl and lithograph to add to my signed BTH and Far lithographs! So excited!!!!!! It will be interesting to listen to an album of all new songs, songs that haven't even ever been played live! Update: Just listened to "Bleeding Heart" which comes with preorders! Wow. It's really interestingly different. Not the direction I would've guess regina would have gone in but still super awesome!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/hellogiggles/videos/1233197173371351/ Stumbled upon this interview with regina. She covered "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" for the upcoming animated film Kubo and the Two Strings! Cool live interview in which she discusses a Beatles cover with interesting instrumentation!
  8. So I realized that it is probably about time someone revamped the Complete Spektography. By doing so, it will help us all out in the sharing of live recordings. I have made a very extensive and comprehensive document of all Regina's songs and the shows they were recorded at but there are still many holes to fill! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0KJfGzd7OaDd19OQkxkWDB0NnM/view?usp=sharing and here is a version anyone can edit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RZtAhLPUHCiHcZeoU8W3pqOp3ZLoZOksbwNKrRuxm5M/edit?usp=sharing It is really a very helpful document, a "guide" to her songs. U.E.
  9. What would you like to see on the new record?

    What is the first discovery? And yes, its a song Regina played in Switzerland with a dancer named Renate Hug. Here is the link to the video: and
  10. What would you like to see on the new record?

    Seems like Dog and Pony and The Virgin Queen are two popular ones! That Valentines Day concert (2004-02-14) is one of my favorite things to watch; it seems like it was such a great little intimate show! And who can forget the crafts! I wonder if somewhere out there there is a Regina Spektor original bra (with chocolate of course!) And you do make a good point TC. There is something really special about that one recording. But who knows? There are songs like All the Rowboats that were recording and turned out really awesome! And then there are others that I'm less a fan of, like Open, one of my favorite songs. I think I prefer the White Session version of that, which is more stripped down. Simply beautiful. The Virgin Queen is a cool song too! Too bad the recording is a bit shoddy... But still! Yeah, that'd be great! I'm getting excited!
  11. There are currently 36 songs Regina has sung live but never put on an album. I was just wondering what would be your top, lets say... 9 songs of the 44 and ½ songs. I wouldn't be surprised if Party Upstairs and Stay were on the upcoming album, but I'll include them anyway. The 44 and ½ are: (Year is of earliest known recording) 1. Eternal Life (2001) 2. 8th Floor (2002) 3. The Mustard Musketeers (2002) 4. SoHo (2002) 5. Raindrops (2002) 6. Belt (2002) 7. Dead Rat (2002) 8. One-String Blues (2002) 9. Bear Spektor (2002) 10. AB (2002) 10½. In the Studio (2002) 11. Just Like the Movies (2002) 12. The Soup (2002) 13. Ave Maria (2002) 14. Paris (2002) 15. BYOS (2002) 16. The Bronx (2003) 17. The Floor Heard Everything (2003) 18. Making Records (2003) 19. Happy Hooker (2003) 20. Woolen Gloves (2003) 21. Dust to Dust (2003) 22. Be Like a Cloud (2003) 23. The Devil Come to Bethlehem (2003) 24. Secret Stash (2003) 25. The Clocks Were Asleep (2003) 26. A Cooler Version of Yourself (2003) 27. A Canon (2003) 28. Mermaid (2004) 29. Dog and Pony (2004) 30. Aquarius (2004) 31. Reginasaurus (2004) 32. Lucky Penny (2004) 33. I Cut Off My Hair (2004) 34. Baby Jesus (2004) 35. Uncle Bobby (2004) 36. You (2004) 37. Loveology (2004) 38. Long Brown Hair (2004) 39. The Virgin Queen (2004) 40. Begin to Hope (2005) 41. Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori (2006) 42. Ink Stains (2009) 43. Party Upstairs (2014) 44. Stay (2014) Also I'll include Chicken Song, Cinderella, School is Out, and Rockland Country, 4 songs that were recorded but never performed live. Personally, my top 9 would probably be (in no particular order): 1. Dog and Pony 2. Begin to Hope 3 You 4. Raindrops 5. Dust to Dust 6. Secret Stash 7. Ink Stains 8. Baby Jesus (which was recorded for Begin to Hope but didn't end up in the album...) 9. Mermaid What would your 9 be?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xZJq1vdsjQ This is a really great video of Regina and Ben Fold singing You Don't Know Me. It's really awesome and makes me smile very widely!
  13. Carbon Monoxide [Alt Mix]?

    It must be that there was only ever an alt mix, you're right. Oddly enough I do not yet have that 7" in my collection... I'll have to get it and figure out if it's any different. On that note if you ever find a Live at Bull Moose promo cd let me know! haha
  14. Carbon Monoxide [Alt Mix]?

    Can someone help me understand the difference between Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Monoxide [Alt Mix]? Thank you.
  15. Your Regina Collection!

    Thought it was about time I uploaded a photo of my collection. I've worked hard to find some of these!!!