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  1. reg in the news

    I'm constantly coming across mentions of reg online these days. An obvious sign of her increasing popularity. Here's a place to post any mentions of reg in the news. I'll start with this Nick & Norah mention:
  2. Wee Rants

    And it misses you!
  3. Nicole Atkins! I’m not asking, I’m telling you...

    Nicole warmed up for the Avett Bros at the Stone Pony a couple of weeks ago. Great show. The brothers asked Nicole to come back out and she obliged. When she lived in NC she spent a lot of time with the band and actually convinced them to come up to NJ for a show a few years back when no one had even heard of them. Check out this video at 0:20 and again at 3:43.
  4. reg song you disliked,AT FIRST

    Sometimes with reg's music it takes a couple of listens before you get it. I know most of you probably have experienced this. Name a reg song that you disliked at first that you grew to love. Mine would have to be Consequence of Sounds. Took about 4 or 5 listens until I got it.
  5. McCarren Park Pool August 15, 2008

    June 23, 2008 Dear Fan, Regina Spektor will be playing at McCarren Park Pool in NYC on August 15, 2008! The pre-sale for the general public will begin tomorrow, June 24th, at 10:00 AM est. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Limit four (4) tickets per person. Purchase your tickets as soon as possible because quantities are limited. To access these tickets, go to See you at the show! Regina Spektor Ticketing
  6. Auction features Regina

    Rock For Kids time again. You can bid for a wee piece o' reg should you choose to or this year they have a "Buy Now" option for an excellent cause... Good luck!
  7. *NEW SONG* You've Got TIme

    Me thinks I know who is playing sounds very familiar...
  8. Oops! Google Chrome could not find is offline. We are aware of it. Have no fear. It will be back....
  9. Early fan Recordings

    The Songs tab and the Shows tab on RSO are up more than down while we continue to update the infrastructure. You can go here: or access them directly: Best G
  10. Oops! Google Chrome could not find

    Sorry folks. We are making some changes on the backend. It wasn't supposed to happen until the first. But as all well laid plans go, we had a hiccup. I assure you the site will be back in some form shortly. It may take a little bit to get everything back up again. But it will happen. The content is not lost. I was actually just coming here to post about it so as not to freak anyone out. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
  11. Please join me in wishing one of the greatest regina fans on the planet a happy 10th anniversary on the stix. srg (Serge) is one of the kindest human beings around as anyone that has met him or interacted with him can attest. He shares his historical knowledge about reg with us. Not to mention all the media at What sums him up best to me was after the Planned Parenthood show, in January of 2009, at the Bowery Ballroom a group of us were lucky enough to spend some real quality time with regina (as her parents slept in the car) after the show. Many topics were discussed. But the one that sticks out in my mind was she told us about being contacted by a producer that wanted to use Lucky Penny. At first she said she freaked out a bit because she couldn't remember the song. Then she said something to the effect of, thank God for that or I never would have found a recording of it. Not one to seek the limelight Serge said nothing. But we were sure to point out that it was his website. Then of course all the meetups over the years before and after shows and the genorosity he has shown to all of us. The tickets he has shared with many of us. The "upgraded tickets" he has shared. I could go on and on about this mans kindness and genorosity. He is by far THE greatest regina fan of all time. Happy Anniversary Serge...and many more.
  12. And a Happy New Year!

    Best wishes for 2013...
  14. Consequence of Sounds

    Just as a reminder. Due check out this gem. Consequence of Sounds Jam.
  15. Auction features Regina

    Rock for Kids Auction - ends 11/16/2012 This package includes a poster, t-shirt, button set and CD - ALL signed by Regina Spektor! http://cloud.bidpal....142&categoryId= EDIT: Should have mentioned there are many items available from other artists, celebrities etc..
  16. Time Out says: Thanks to the ascent of ladies such as Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles and Christina Perri, the female quirk-pop field is a lot more crowded now than it was when Regina Spektor broke through with “Fidelity,” the oft-licensed semihit from her 2006 album, Begin to Hope. Yet one needn’t proceed too deeply into Spektor’s latest before remembering what an idiosyncratic talent she remains: On What We Saw from the Cheap Seats, this New York City songstress continues to examine the vagaries of life, love and art with an eye for the calm-disturbing detail. “First there’s lights out, then there’s lockup,” she sings on the disc’s spooky lead single, “All the Rowboats,” which continues, “Masterpieces serving maximum sentences.” To whom else would it even occur to write a tune about a museum’s lonely inhabitants? Spektor made Cheap Seats with producer Mike Elizondo, who also helmed a handful of cuts on 2009’s Far; he brings a kind of sublimated funk to songs like “Small Town Moon,” in which a creeping bassline underpins the singer’s observation that “today we’re younger than we’re ever gonna be.” That said, don’t be surprised if she jettisons some of the album’s precision in favor of a rawer attack tonight: Last May Spektor played a string of Southern arena dates opening for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.—Mikael Wood Source:
  17. What are you listening to right now?

    I love this song. Been holding out hope (no pun intended) that she will play this live someday. But I don't think it will happen. It's a shame this song doesn't get the notice it deserves. Her "I love you" choruses are silky smooth...
  18. Brümstix Group Photos!

    Beacon Theater - New York, NY - 2012-10-24
  19. 2012-10-24 Beacon Theater - New York, NY

    Jack Dishel Sad to miss Petty Fest tonight but it's because we're playing the Beacon Theater! Can't wait Like · · about an hour ago via mobile · Raphael Bingham and 17 others like this. George Andresen Jack, was a tough choice See you guys tonight!! about an hour ago · Like Revel Níne That's a pretty good reason.. about an hour ago · Like Danny Yarborough Where's petty fest??? about an hour ago via mobile · Like Robert Serafin I will be there. Commando. just for jack. about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1 Adria Petty I will be missing my family Fest to see the dishels perform tonight, you guys are just that good. Gotta love Adria...

    There are a couple of singles up on stubhub for about half that...check it out.
  21. Brandi Carlile Rec Str Day Vid

    Check out Brandi's contribution to the Record Store Day video compilation. It is the cutest thing (almost) ever!
  22. Brandi Carlile Rec Str Day Vid

    I have two extra tickets for Brandi Carlile for Monday Oct 29, 8PM at the Beacon Theater in NYC. Orchestra 2 (Right Center) Row Q. They are currently up on Stub Hub but I will pull them down if anyone is interested. Face Value ($40 each + fees) TICKETS SOLD!
  23. Stikcy?

    You're such a stixler! Nice catch...

    You are correct on all accounts. regina spektor herself has a lower case "regina". But as we all know she hasn't posted in years. I imagine she does take a peek every now and then. Her member profile shows someone signed in back in November of 2011. But we may never know if that was her or not.
  25. I have a crush on Regina

    This is from a few years ago. But no, you don't need to get your head examined... Welcome to the stix...