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  1. 2012 Fall Tour

    Section E, Row A, seat 116 for me Hopefully the stage isent really high.
  2. 2012 Fall Tour

    Totally missed out on the presale for RI, does anyone know when the regular tickets go on sale?
  3. DylanFest 2011

    Well it was once again another awesome year at Dylan Fest! Here's the blurry video I got of Regina Singing "Its all over now baby blue": Right before she started singing she said that she hoped she wouldnt fuck it up like last year haha. I didnt get too many good pictures but here are all the ones I took:http://www.flickr.com/photos/6...s/72157629913293758/ There were like 5 photographers in the crowd so Im sure sooner or later their good pictures will surface lol. Its kind of a blur who sang what and when, but im sure a quick google search in a couple days will clear all of that up. Jack got on stage and sang Isis, then halfway through the song Kristn Wiig came out and did the talking bits of the song. She was jumping around a kicking, she looked like she was having a pretty good time lol. At the end of the show everyone got on stage and sang Knocking On Heavens Door and They Shall Be Released. Adria Petty showed up and held hands with Regina the whole time they sang. Then after the show we stood around the back exit for about 45 mins and some of the performers were kind enough to take pictures with us despite their drunken states lol. And finally after like 5 failed attempts I got my picture with Regina!
  4. DylanFest 2011

    Is anyone else going to Dylanfest tonight? Finally theres a show on a Friday I can make it to!
  5. Only Son (New Album Info)

    Okay, Jamie, I saw your post on facebook. Ridiculousness and a video?
  6. Regina's Updates

    She said in the Rolling Stones interview that she had a bunch of left overs from writing songs for the musical that would probably be on her record. Shes kinda been giving the impression that shes not only writing songs, but singing for the musical too I believe...but Im not sure how that would work.
  7. DylanFest 2011

    Jamie, I totally wish I would have read brustix before I went out Friday night, and of all the shows we've been to together now, its a wonder why I dont have your number lol. I'm sure over the next couple of days the internet will help us figure out who played what, its all kind of a blur now. Here are some of the pics I got. My friend took them and for some reason didnt upload the 8 million I took of Regina...who wouldnt?! I'll try to get my hands on those ones. And then of course, the best picture of the night. Norah Jones kinda looks like an alien in this shot lol.
  8. DylanFest 2011

    Heres what I've been able to piece together from the setlist so far: On A Night Like This - F Isis - Bb Subterranean Homesick Blues - A Wallflower - C Meet Me In The Morning - E From A Buick 6 – Jesse Malin If Not For You - E One More Cup Of Coffee - Am I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine - F Maggie's Farm - G It Takes A Lot To Laugh - D Seven Days – Josh lattanzi of the lemonheads Don't Think Twice - G Country Pie - A Postively 4th Street - F# It Ain't Me, Babe - C Lay Lady Lay- Binki Shapiro Ballad Of A Thin Man - Am She Belongs To Me – Evan Dando of the Lemonheads Queen Jane Approximately - F Love Sick - E I Don't Believe You - B, or Odds And Ends - A The Man In Me - G# I Threw It All Away - C Rainy Day Women - E Mr. Tambourine Man - Jack Dishel and Regina Spektor Every Grain Of Sand - Norah Jones Hurricane – Justin Long (the guy from Accepted) Knockin' On Heaven's Door – Everybody I Shall Be Released – Mainly Regina Spektor, Bikini Shapirio, and Norah Jones, backed up by everybody.
  9. DylanFest 2011

    Heres the video of Regina singing Mr. Tambourine man on Friday:
  10. DylanFest 2011

    If only I would have known things were going to turn out that way. Sorry you're sick . Hope you get well soon. Okay, heres the pic of the setlist: http://www.flickr.com/photos/6...6/5769949575/?ref=nf
  11. DylanFest 2011

    So I went to Dylan Fest tonight, and I have to say it was hands down one the best shows I've been too. I've been to the Bowery Ballroom a couple of times, so the bouncers started to get to know me a bit. I brought a group of friends from school, half of which had no tickets. That wasn't a problem because the bouncer saw me and let all of my friends in for free! The show was absolutely amazing...it was a treat each time to see who was going to come out next. I got right up front row left of the stage and also had a perfect view of all the people standing in the doorway during the show. Sure enough, Regina was there dancing and smiling the whole time. Will Forte(Mcgrewber!), Sondre Lerche, Justin Long, Spiderman....wasnt expecting any of those. Each artist had something new and great to bring to the table. Hours of fun, dancing, and smiling ear to ear. When Regina came out for her Mr. Tambourine man, she forgot a section of the lyrics in her solo, she looked pretty mortified by it. At the end of it she said, "Sorry Bob, I fucked it up". At the very end all the performers came out on stage like the end of an SNL show, but with the best people ever. They pushed Regina out front tonight too as she sang with Nora. It was just great. Afterward, we lingered outside seeing who we could meet, the bouncers tried to help us out even though they had no idea who these musicians were or what they looked like. Sure enough everybody came out the front door. I got a picture with Sondre Lerche, Norah, and Justin Long. Unfortunately, our placement outside made it impossible to get a chance to talk to Regina after...I didn't want to bum rush her while she was out there hailing a cab, but it was great regardless of that fact. The bouncer came up to me at the end and said I could do whatever I wanted there and I was like family and gave everyone hugs. He also gave us the set list (I'll post pics tomorrow). I came in uniform once, but I really still cant understand how this came about and I have these connections now, but if you guys are ever going to the Bowery Ballroom for a show let me know lol. I'll be back next year, thats for sure.
  12. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    I'm going to Dylan fest tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't have a device to record with besides my phone which would be really crappy quality.
  13. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    Oh, bummer. Don't worry about it though! Its okay! I somehow manage to never a bring a camera to anything lol. Somewhere in the depths of the digital world and written in history there is a picture of me and Jack holding up our clicky fingers and thats all that counts to me. I hope your champion concert going week went well! Good recommendations by the way! That was a fun night! Its good when you show up 5 hours early to a show and find out that you're not the only one. lol. Also, I thought Jack sounded pretty amazing solo. And of coarse theres nothing quite like hearing Regina live...and sounding ultra Russian reading a book
  14. Regina is everywhere

    Looking up some musical events I came across this:
  15. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by himynameism: quote: Originally posted by I Am A Mermaid: quote: Originally posted by himynameism: quote: Originally posted by Nat: quote: Originally posted by himynameism: I guess this is kind of a miniscule rant but......I feel like I am the only person who has seen reg 5+ times and still haven't met her. Am I the only one? I don't know but its starting to drive me crazy especially after this past weekend. I just want it to happen already!!!! I'm right with you mate. I'm leaning towards abandoning all efforts and not waiting around in future because it seems like the universe is sending me a message and maybe its about time i listen to it. That having been said, one time i found waiting around after the concert almost as fun as the concert itself! What happened this past weekend? It is frustrating!!! I just keep thinking about that thing reg said about how you can't get mad if something isn't happening, it will happen when you are ready......I guess I'm just not ready to meet her yet haha Waiting around can be fun because everyone is so anxious hahah....at this past show in NYC for record store day we didn't even really get to wait around because she left immediately. Which I don't blame her because there were a lot of people there in a small tiny room. I guess there is always next time hah Im sure it will happen eventually for you. You're right, it will happen when its supposed to. You don't want to be like me, meeting her when you're not expecting it and making a complete fool of yourself lol.I hadn't even seen her in concert yet, so I was shocked that she actually existed. Ah, I had such an opportunity to pick her brain, yet instead I had a 5 min conversation of mumbles where I probably had the goofiest expression on my face lol. Oh life. At least it makes for a funny story where at some point I inform her that my mom got my wallet for me Hahah yea....I was actually starting to think that maybe I need to go to Jack's shows in order to possibly meet her. Didn't you tell me Adria was there too? I guess we can just wait for the next NY show and I can hopefully meet her and you can re-meet her haha Yeah, Adria was there, they head banged and danced around during Jacks set.lol. Chances are you'd meet her at one of his sets, probably not without feeling kinda creepy though lol. Like you approach her at one of his shows with her tshirt on and have all of her albums ready for her to sign haha. Its pretty much inevitable you'll meet her one of these days! Hopefully she wont remember me if I ever meet her again lol.