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  1. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    I'm praying for recordings!
  2. Good News Thread!

    Thank for following me! I hope you like the story (I guess I won't spoil you what song it's about).
  3. MOCKINGBIRD (1999) HQ 221kbps VBR MP3

    Wow thank you again so much! Finding these songs and sharing them with us is so awesome!
  4. Good News Thread!

    Started a tumblr! Some shameless (but relevant) self-advertising. I write a bit of fiction inspired by various Regina songs. I have a completed, but old and depressing and probably not good short story based on Pavlov's Daughter, part of one based on "Mermaid." In the works are stories based on "Buildings" and "Aching to Pupate." Her songs inspire me so much. Anyway, I post my stories on this here tumblr account: and if anybody likes to read and give me feedback here or on tumblr, that would be great. Figured I would share with Brumstix!
  5. It's so beautiful! So thrilled to finally have a clear version of one of my favorites!
  6. So unfortunate that it seems we'll never get ahold of those demos. I would give my left arm for a professional recording of 8th Floor.
  7. Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA 10/3/09

    My boyfriend is taking me for my birthday! I'm excited beyond belief! 2 days!
  8. So which is your #1 song on Far?

    Old: right now, Human of the Year, but that's always up for change New: tie between Eet and Two Birds
  9. "Ink Stains" *new song*

    Too intense. I can't think of any album, past or future, that this would feel right on. I just hope she continues playing it at her shows, because it's freaking amazing.
  10. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    quote: Originally posted by Karl Prejektorinski: Here are the first 3 Thank you so much!
  11. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    Can someone direct me to: Be Like a Cloud Woolen Gloves Dust to Dust Halikha LeKesariya (Eli, Eli) I can't find them on, and I think they are all I'm missing.
  12. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    Awesome recordings. The Holocaust Song is so powerful.
  13. Additional far Tour Dates

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: No Cincinnati.. *cries* I think Ohio scared her last time, lol. Hopefully she comes bck cause if not looks like i'm making my way to michigan. Did she seem uncomfortable last time? Well, if people jumping on her stage make her uncomfortable, then yes, I'd say she was uncomfortable...? I was there. At Cleveland, right? That was humiliating for my hometown... She is playing in Philly on my birthday! Too bad I'll be on the whole other side of PA. Very much doubting I'll be able to make it.
  14. favorite song from each album

    11:11- Braille Songs- tie between Samson and Reading Time With Pickle Soviet Kitsch- Carbon Monoxide Begin To Hope- tie between 20 Years of Snow and Hotel Song Begin To Hope (Bonus Version)- Baobabs Far- Human of the Year
  15. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    A quick song by song analysis that I've been dying to do... The Calculation-bouncy and catchy fun, that still has all of the quirkyness I love. A unique and adorable love song. Eet-One of the best songs on the album. The production is just stunning, and the lyrics are simple and complex all at the same time. Blue Lips-Not one of my favorites at first, but it's grown on me once I got used to it. Folding Chair-I originally hated the production, but in time I've grown to love the summery feel to it. It just makes me smile and sing along now. Machine-Completely addicting to listen to. Chilling, and adds a whole new type of sound to the album. Laughing With-This song owned my soul from first listen. That's about it. Human of the Year-My favorite song on the album at the moment. It could not have been done better. Two Birds-Catchy, with heartbreakingly cute lyrics. Overall it's kind of a sad song, but another of my favorites. Dance Anthem of the 80s-Before we got all of Far, this was my favorite. They just did a great job with the song, and its video is cute. Genius Next Door-They did not do anything wrong with this song. Which is a very good thing. The Wallet-The production works really well in this song, I think. Not one of the album stand-outs, but still nice. One More Time With Feeling-I'm digging the new cheery vibe to it, and it's much better than the preview originally let on. Man of A Thousand Faces-The instrumentation is just gorgeous here, and so is Regina's voice! That's my two cents. I just can't say a bad thing about the album.
  16. Which is the better album?

    I just had to vote for Far because of how distinctive every single song is. Soviet Kitsch is the most similar to it in this respect (each song being perfect and memorable), but I think Far does a slightly better job of it. Then again, I could be biased just because Far is so lovely and new!
  17. Why You Joined?...Introduction

    I've been lurking around here ever since I heard about the new album coming out, getting all my news on the new songs, etc. I finally decided to register so I can join in all the discussion on Far as well!