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  1. Let's go to the Movies...

    First of all, NOJ, I LOVE David Fincher's movies. He's one of those directors I've rarely seen something I dislike from. I didn't care about The Social Network until: 1] I found out he made it, and 2] I found out Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) did the score for it! I mean, of all subject matters, all these great people in their fields doing one movie like this. I GOTTA see it! Holy crap another NC'inian! What is it with Brumstix and NC? Haha. I'm in Charlotte, I'm currently at UNCC. I know a couple people from Stokesdale, sweet!
  2. Let's go to the Movies...

    While I often forget about Joaquin (guilty) I always end up remember how much I love the guys' acting. He's my favorite in the Village por ejemplo
  3. Dear Brumstix:

    I can relate. Over the past 8 or 9 years or so, I've been enamored/addicted to two musical acts. A band called Dispatch (and their off-shoot, State Radio), and Regina Spektor. And I still am. I obviously know and like many other musics/bands/artists, but to this day I'd say the majority of what I listen to is those two and half artists. Now I feel this is the case because: 1] Both have an extensive, active and dedicated fan community for taping live shows, which allows for a further enjoyment of analyzing, absorbing, and just all-around appreciating the various musical whims and tendencies of the particular artist. Plus it makes you feel truly connected to them in their musical journey, more-so than just having studio albums. 2] Everybody has different personalities, and mine just happens to be one where I become embedded in a musical act I am truly passionate about. Which is why I follow that other band around to shows a lot (Regina's touring is way less conducive to that, haha). So Brady, don't get down or anxious if you think it's not "normal" to appreciate music how you want to appreciate it. Over time you will find other music you love, and you'll listen to that too; And you may move way from Regina as your "primary" artist of listen. But you also may stay listening to Regina all the time, and listening to that other stuff in bits here and there. Just don't force anything, and go with your own musical flow. This could go into a whole essay about what it means to "like" music, and if there's a "right/wrong" way to explore musical artists. But I shant go there quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: other female singer-songwriters like Tori Amos, Charlotte Martin, Bat for Lashes, etc... Those, and a couple others, are groups I am relentlessly suggested to from people because they know I love Regina. Which is strange because I cannot stand music like theirs (I mean that hyperbolically, of course). I feel like I see "similar"-music to Regina's as being FAR different than musicians like those. I wonder how common that sentiment is, just because I've only encountered those people who say that.
  4. Bumper sticker

    I never wanted to put bumper stickers on my car because they couldn't come off without damage, but then I figured out it's REALLY easy. Just make what you want on photoshop (or paint), make sure the dimensions are right. Then print it out on sticky paper (gotten at OfficeMax/OfficeDepot), then stick that on sheets of magnet "paper" (also from OM/OD) then use a strait edge cutter to cut it properly, then you've got a magnet bumper sticker! And now, I shall do one for Regina!

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: Happy Birthday Mark!!! Hope it's a good one (sgtcampsalot) Hah! Thanks!! To this day I'm still no good at checking every thread on this board
  6. Original Videos

    Not ENTIRELY "original", but I recreated a classic scene from The Simpsons since last year a friend of mine filmed me doing one of the lines from it

    Btdubs, aside from the Bible being written by humans (claiming divine "inspiration" or not), the content was decided at the Council of Nicea, like, 1700 years ago. So aside from leaving out things they didn't like (abridging the word of God, which is even said in the bible is wrong, haha), the determinant of what kept a scripture in was whatever helped the Roman Empire maintain more control/social stability over the recently Christian-unified Empire. Not to mention the only reason Christianity "survived" so long is because Constantine used it to unite the Roman Empire, which had been embroiled in CENTURIES of turmoil, over colonial and religious issues. So, that's pretty much why we believe that particular religion today.

    Well see that's why discussion with a believer of religion is futile: Nothing can have more clout than the word of God, so they'll never be convinced... of anything. Despite the rationale, because God supersedes all. I know, I used to be one. (devoutly religious, not a God) And in a rare, flippant apathy of how offensive I am, in the interest of, you know, facts... It's pretty much the problem with every prominent, organized religious text there is.

    Nicely said, Antony

    Oh wait, haha, I just noticed that part up there. I'm not getting into this dead-end debate, except to point out... Dude, you realize that today's Christianity is Pauline Christianity, not Jesus's Christianity, yeah? Jesus was not the founder of Christianity as we know it today. Most of the New Testament doesn't even concern the historical Jesus, while the main influence is the Apostle Paul, and through the church he founded at Ephesus a Greek convert named John. Paul never met Jesus in the flesh, he only claimed some strange vision and proceeded to paganize the teachings of Jesus (who preached an enlightened form of Judaism), until he created Pauline Christianity. While Jesus is regarded by Christians as the founder of the faith, Paul's role in defining Christianity cannot be ignored before drawing conclusions. The doctrines of Christianity come mostly from the teaching or influence of Paul, a Pharisee who rejected his Pharisaic Judaism. His worship was that of a "Christ" totally unrelated to the Jewish Messiah, a nationalist (and human) figure that was supposed to free the nation from foreign (Roman) rule. Paul would later be placed over his Jewish-Christian rivals by a Gnostic heretic named Marcion. The Church in its struggles with both Marcion and other fellow Gnostics was forced to define itself and launch an internal war to silence opponents. Paul totally pulled a Deus Ex Machina on Jesus's teachings by claiming he had "divine knowledge" of God's will (which is such a dubious claim). I don't know about anyone else, but I follow the teachings of that guy Jesus, not some fellow who retroactively changed everything later on because he felt himself divinely inspired. But anywho...
  11. Bittersweet News!

    quote: Originally posted by Rosa!: Thanks, George. quote: Originally posted by eshbach: I moved from Pennsylvania to California for college, and being that far away forced me to break out of my secure little world and venture into reality (or at least San Luis Obispo, a nice intermediate between childhood fantasy land and the real word). Ah, wow. Much bigger difference! And you're right. There's a university 30 minutes from where I live which my sister goes to, but it's not that great. A lot of people at my school end up going's kind of known as a cop-out school. I like that it's so close, but my standards are higher than that. Going far away is probably what I need. I recommend (while obviously going for academics) going to college as far away from wherever you grew up as feasibly possible (Seriously)
  12. Radial Nerve Palsy

    Sorry, Aaorn. For what it's worth, I can relate on SOME level. For the past year I've had a muscular issue with both arms that my orthopedic surgeon can not identify at all. Basically the muscles extending from my tendons (in both parts of both arms) are dangerously constricted, possibly permanently, causing severe pain whenever I do anything with my arms. At all. I'm in physical therapy but may have to go to a rheumatologist for months of tests. This sucks, too, because I do meteorology which requires tons of writing of equations and using computers for computer models. So I've basically put my academic career and most computer recreation on hold this semester until I figure this out. Yours sounds even worse since it's an actual serious condition, but man I believe it sucks. Stay positive.
  13. pictures and videos of interest...

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a DAMN amazing movie, and easily one of the best I've seen all year! It's a shame the marketing makes it seem like a "niche" film, because if people went and saw it despite their doubts, it would surely be a wide success. It's just so well crafted, my hat is off to the very same director of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz"

    Look at the top-left of the page: Go -> Personal Zone -> Ignore List Type in MusicLover_2007 Never worry about it again.

    Well it's about damn time
  16. Regina's Updates

    mmm, so it's basically just 75% Far, 25% Begin to Hope. Meh. Still awesome, though!
  17. Facebook and Myspace

    Those situations are either: a] kindred spirits, b] one person ends up feeling amazingly awkward at all times quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: Ugh remind me to always leave Facebook Chat off. HEAR HERE!
  18. Let's go to the Movies...

    Just saw Inception (FINALLY... I usually have fanboy-haste with Chris Nolan's projects, but my gf had to be convinced to see it... haha) OH MY GOD I love Chris Nolan. He has some of the most fluidly, compelling storytelling around (along with his brother, Jonathan Nolan, and brother in spirit, David Goyer, haha). I don't agree with the countless people who told me it was "confusing", it was just wonderfully intricate and thought provoking. I need to watch Memento and Prestige again. Nolan has such a way with his own brand of films, it's hard to describe.
  19. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: Also don't give up. Be belligerent until either they drop the charges (or some) or they threaten to kick you out for being belligerent. If you're forceful enough for LONG enough, you may just get your way. School tend to do shitty things like that and people typically roll over to it.
  20. Regina in the raw!!

    quote: Originally posted by Anthony Minsky: But sometimes I just want to talk about Regina and her music. For instance, did anyone notice that karlprojectorinsky (Sp?) figured out how to put up 2007 Lolapalooza versions of 'Ghosts of corporate future', which is absolutely wonderful. And 'Summer in the City' and a great live version of 'Fidelity'? Did anyone even notice that? Wait, I don't understand. Are you saying you'd want to talk to Regina about the fact that some fans found/taped live shows and songs of hers? Or were those two separate thoughts? Because either that's an odd thing to want to talk to her about, or you switched gears pretty abruptly there, guy
  21. I finally watched High Fidelity

    I just saw it a few weeks ago, and I thought it was a very nice film, however nothing truly amazing. Which made feel bad because I ADORE the Cusack siblings. I read an imdb review that gave me perfect perspective, though. It's a movie made for people who are either huge music nuts, or who are in their late20s/early30s and who feel disillusioned that life isn't quite going the way they might have envisioned it, whether career/friends/romantic-wise. I really liked the characters, because everyone has a friend that's SOMETHING like Jack Black's character and the nerdy friend (the Moby-looking guy, haha). However I felt a bit disconnected from things like their constant music "lists" since I'm not really a huuuge music freak. But I can respect anybody that can relate to it.
  22. Our Music

    Oh chart comparisons, fun! Aside from Regina: State Radio Dispatch Metallica Gogol Bordello Serj Tankian (of System of a Down) Joshua Bell (everything)
  23. If anyone needs sheet music...

    Would anyone be willing to write out the chords to Machine? I want to make a full band rock version of it, but I am terrible at recognizing piano parts to transcribe to guitar...
  24. pictures and videos of interest...

    It took forever to time my facial hair just right for a photo shoot, and I had to coax my girlfriend's sister into using some lighting equipment, but I finally got this shot after a year or so of just thinking about it. I am sooo happy with the product
  25. Wee Rants

    my ipod ruined my eardrums...