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  1. Regina is everywhere

    this made me smile! did anyone else love this show when they were little? http://totallylookslike.icanha...s-like-miss-frizzle/
  2. Wee Rants

    thanks andreseng. We try to be as professional as possible with our productions, so stage kissing is definitely off the table. And if this year's show is any indication, our two leads have to go at it for a good thirty seconds (for a laugh of course, but still). Probably the most disturbing thing I've noticed is how lightly its taken in rehearsals, and in an environment like that I'll have to be professional and take it lightly too. And you don't want to take your first lightly.
  3. Wee Rants

    For the record I had no idea where to put this, I guess this is as good as any. So...I'm sixteen, and I haven't been kissed. I know, I know, this sounds like it's going to be one of those "I'll never be attractive to anyone ever because I haven't been kissed yet!" type of rants, but I actually have a very good reason why my lip-virgin status must be changed, and I need practical advice to help carry it out. Every year I'm in the musical production at my high school, and our directors have this ludicrous process of singling out somebody during one year to "build" next year's show around (i.e. give them the lead). Of course they don't actually tell you until after auditions the next year when they cast you, but they have their ways of letting you know and basically it becomes an open secret who they've picked. Well, I'm the 'chosen one' for next year. Since female leads in musicals are inevitably romantic ones, my fellow cast members have been giving me a resounding refrain of "you better get a move on" in the kissing department. Cause who wants their first to be on a stage while acting? So, even though I don't want to be, I am now on this PG-rated version of Rachel Berry's crusade before she played Maria in West Side Story (sorry for the Glee reference, but it was fitting). So, with a roughly eight-month deadline, I have three options as far as the other end of this kiss goes (We'll call them Guy A, Guy B, and Guy C). Guy A: The male version of myself, the other 'chosen one' for nest years musical. This is the defeatist option, the guy who I'm going to end up kissing on stage anyway. I've known him since I was in elementary school and I've had to reject him something like five times in the past two years. I really don't want this option to be my only option. Guy B: The ideal option. My first, shall we say, 'practical crush;' one I could actually see myself dating. I've known him since middle school, but we became good friends in high school. Last fall, in true 21st century feminist spirit, I asked him to our school's Christmas dance. He already had a date but he suggested that we go to prom instead, and I agreed. Well, at this Christmas dance a few months later, it happened that we both had ditched our dates and ended up spending the whole night together. After this I started to truly consider him as boyfriend material, and the response I got from our mutual friends was a resounding "It's a lost cause, he just isn't looking for a relationship right now." So when I realized the first kiss deadline thing, I figured Guy B at prom would be the perfect option. He'd undoubtedly be obliging, and since he isn't looking for a relationship, there's practically no chance that he'll be taken by the time we go to prom, right? Wrong. As I write this, he's on a date with Miss 'Soul Mate' (that is the most stupid phrase for a teenage boy to use! but that's another rant for another time). So it looks like they'll be an item before long and we will have a very awkward prom night. Guy C: This is a pretty good option too. I've known Guy C since I've been in high school, and he's one of those people that if he's your friend, he'll bend over backwards for you. So I have a feeling that he would do me the favor if I asked him (plus, he is good looking). The blatant, glaring obstacle is that I've never actually been alone with him, and I can foresee no circumstance in which we could be alone together and this could theoretically happen. So, I'm looking for some practical advice (practical in the strict sense of the word, meaning, 'able to be put into practice'). So tell me whether you would go with A, B, or C, and suggestions as to how in the world you would go about doing it or just advice in general that would be great. Thanks
  4. Regina faking?

    Holy crap! I was reading more on Judy and the song she sang for her audition with Louis B. Mayer the head of MGM was "Eli, Eli" how awesome is that!!
  5. Regina faking?

    My junior research paper is on Judy Garland (sidenote: how awesome is it that I get to do it on her? it doesn't even feel like work!) and I read somewhere that she used to mess up words on purpose, I guess so her audience could relate to her. She didn't forget words like regina does but just switch around a lyric every so often (after all, she had a band to be fair to) Anyway, if Judy did it, I have no beef with reg if she does.
  6. Six Thoughts...

    1. tired from two full days of county choir 2. sang Mozart's Lacrymosa, same text reg used for her lacrimosa 3. tired from musical rehearsal today 4. I think I might have a good chance of getting the lead in next year's musical 5. I hope to god its anything goes because I love Cole Porter! 6. i would die of I got to play Reno Sweeney!
  7. Ben Folds

    I love Ben Folds! his retrospective is amazing. nad I think I've seen that pic somewhere before...maybe his myspace??
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    The Motion Waltz- Rufus Wainwright I love this song!
  9. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "The garbage men were emptying the dumpsters" "When a physically pleasing female is presented to them, their emotional landscape resembles only acrimony, her carapace causes them to become dehabilitated during the part of the day after sundown and before sunrise." good luck
  10. Regina Song Showdown!

    quote: Originally posted by Kb93: Aww dog and pony But Rejazz vs. Long brown hair Rejazz Rejazz vs. Aching to Pupate also, can i ask why a frowny face next to dog and pony? did I miss something?
  11. Regina Song Showdown!

    Prisoners! Prisoners vs. Bon Idee
  12. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I had a dream last night where Regina and I had written a story, and we were spending the day spray painting the words onto the curbs of new york city
  13. Old Music We Shouldn't All Forget

    Paul Simon: Graceland
  14. Human of the Year

    quote: Originally posted by Kateateyou: How come it ruined the song for you? I guess it ruined it for me because now everytime I listen to it I think of the shame Karl felt in my version instead of listening to the beauty regina is trying to convey.
  15. Human of the Year

    I really love this song, but I kind of ruined it for myself. In an English class I was in a few years ago I had to write a poem based on someone elses character, so I chose Karl. I basically wrote this story from his perspective, showing that he never expected nor wanted to win, that it just sort of fell into his lap because he happened to be at the cathedral that day.