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    rainna reacted to i like wonder bread in Good News Thread!   
    Hello all, I like the facelift! I still think of all the nice people on here that put up with me some time ago. Anyways, bring on the good news.
    I got conquered the ~14% acceptance rate and was admitted to my dream university (Washington University in St. Louis, you should google it!) with nice scholarship. I'm majoring in biomed engineering.
    I got first chair baritone in my state.
    I'm valedictorian of my peeps in my class.
    I have a 13 weeks left of high school
    I'm trying to come to terms with who I am in certain regards.
    I dunno, I don't boast or brag to my friends, I just want to share how happy all this good news makes me. I'm just excited for now and the future.
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    rainna got a reaction from RJLupin2 in The New Forum   
    Oh wow, I don't really have any smart input for this conversation, I just needed to come and express my bewilderment. I liked how the old forum was so... old and looked so dated, I thought it was a cute time capsule in the internet. This new one does look sharp, though. Even with Regina's face and hands creeping to my screen unexpectedly... Maybe the new forum will inspire me to become an active stixer again, that would be nice!Edit: What is this "0 warning points" text under my amount of posts? (Apparently you're the only one who can see your warning points, cause I only see it in my own profile.) Do we get warnings for being naughty? Like in primary school when one of our teachers had our names on the blackboard and once you had a certain number of minus marks next to your name, you would get detention or a note to your parents... How scary/exciting, I'll have to start behaving myself!