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  1. sha sha sha sean -- just sent you all of them, let me know if they all go through - 6 emails i think.
  2. what is your email address? I can email you most of 'em.
  3. Yes of course I can email it to both of you. Email me at tessa (dot) danielle (at) gmail.com
  4. quote: Originally posted by Reginasarus: AAAAAH only need Opposite Ends, and Reqiem Aeternam. Then i will have them all I realize you posted this a long time ago - but I have these songs if you'd like them
  5. quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: The one I'm not sure about is listing LRec next to School is Out. Since there's no other similar situation, I don't know what the policy is on that. LRec doesn't really refer to it having ever been played live, it refers to us having a live recording of it. There are probably many songs on the list that have been played live but since there isn't a live recording we didn't put the LRec next to it. should we continue to keep it this way?
  6. I have lots of these rare songs (most of them live) and many of them are the best live recordings i've been able to find. here's what i have that you may be interested in, many are from the sites you referenced, but some aren't... i didn't really record where the songs came from 1. aquarius:live 2. "be like a cloud":live(at Barbés) not the best live recording(crowd noise etc.) 3. the bronx:live(at Barbés) better recording than be like a cloud 4. bear spektor:live(2002 living room) slight crowd/bar noise and laughing it feels like it gets cut off 5. begin to hope:live(at bowery ballroom) 6. "a cooler version":live(2003 Living Room) moderate crowd noise 7. devil came to betlehem:live(2003 Sin-é) buzzing mic, minimal crowd noise 8. dog & pony:live cute intro and minimal crowd noise, not the best recording sound quality wise but the only one i've heard. 9. dulce et decorum est pro patria mori:live (2006 Boston) excellent recording in my opinion, plus it's a fantastic song! 10. dust to dust:live(at Barbés) minimal crowd noise 11. "the floor heard everything":live (2003, new york c-note) pretty minimal crowd noise 12. happy hooker:live(at barbés) minimal crowd noise, laughing etc. piano/reg has good volume though. 13. long brown hair:live(2004 Housing works) very minimal crowd noise 14.loveology I have SO many versions of this song.... which one is my favorite? hmmm... there is one i particularly enjoy that has no crowd noise, it's a great version.. i don't know what show it's from. i'd be happy to share! 15. making records:live(c-note) I only have one version, the microphone is a bit fuzzy, but there isn't too much crowd noise. clapping at the end and a cute little reg blurb. 16. mermaid:live (2005 Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, UK), this is the only version i've ever heard. i'd rate it a pretty decent live recordings. very minimal crowd noises, except laughing and very beg/end. 17.mustard musketeers:live(2002, Living Room) definitely from reginaspektor.net, fuzzy microphone. does anyone have a different recording? this one isn't the best.. but it's what i have 18. one string blues:live(at barbés) minimal crowd noise. 19. patron saint:live(2003, Living Room) minimal crowd noise, and she has a cute "i'm supposed to go really high here right?" little quip. it's adorable of course. 20. secret stash (2003, Living Room) slightly more crowd noise than others. squeaky chairs.. etc. definitely interested in a better version cause this song is such a gem. but it's definitely a decent version in itself. 21. uncle bobby:live some crowd noise, some mess-ups, it's the only version i've ever heard. 22. virgin queen:live (2004 Bush Hall) I only have heard one version. this one is a bit echoey and doesn't pick up her whispers the best. that would be awesome if there was a better version. 23. "woolen gloves":live(at barbés) crowd noise, some talking, also the only version I've heard of this song. 24. you:live(2004 Housing Works) minimal crowd noise. such a lovely song. i've only heard this one version. ab, belt, soho, eighth floor: I have all these live. (but sadly no official recordings of course) dead rat: i have the 2002 version i cut off my hair: I have a live recording. no demo. it's from 2004, and there was a mixing/levels issue so she had to pause and correct in the middle of the song. minimal crowd noise. only version i've heard oh marcello:live(2003 new york, c-note) only version i have! pretty good version rockland county: i have the demo reginasaurus: I have it live at Bowery, the cute one where she messed up at the end. I know there are lots of versions, haven't heard a "perfect" one. so... yes there all mostly live, and many are from respektonline and reginaspektor.net but i'm happy to share and collaborate!
  7. New Song! Well.. new version of a previously unreleased song! All the Rowboats - Official Single! I'm crossing my fingers that this is the start of more singles to come
  8. Announcement about DVD :)

    I haven't stopped listening to the CD since I got it I've only managed to watch the DVD once though... silly finals! Anyways, I LOVE it. Regina always sounds so beautiful. I'm a little dissapointed though that Human of the Year didn't make it on to the set list. I guess I got lucky enough that she put it on Far, but it would have made my year if it were on the live album too
  9. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

    these two songs are absolutely adorable! they definitely made my day! and wow!! the animation is so amazing, I couldn't even dream of creating a project like that! It blows my mind
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Fake Palindromes - Andrew Bird ... soo good
  11. Urgent: Flower Arrangement for Dan

    The quote and arrangement are both perfect. Thank you so much for sending. I am also praying for Dan's family and the whole band and crew with reg.
  12. I'm a twin too We were born about 5 weeks early though, so be ready for anything!
  13. In the City? Play a piano...

    Wow, this is SO freaking awesome! Something like this needs to happen in San Francisco!! I have always thought that there needs to be more piano music randomly in the world. I mean in NY all the subway players and parkside bands never play piano (transport issues lol) so I'm all for this new project. And they are SO cute!!! I'd take pics with all of them! And play all of them too!
  14. The Next New Single?

    I don't know anyone who hates her, or even dislikes her music... however, i have learned recently that few people other than me (and you all) actually want to listen to her nonstop for a whole car trip... why, we would listen to anyone else boggles my mind, but I had to give in a little bit
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Paparazzi, Lady Gaga.... it's my guilty pleasure sometimes... hehe.