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  1. Regina Spektor - Producer

    David Kahne is the one who messed up "One More Time With Feeling" on Far... I wasn't very happy with that.
  2. prom?

    i know this is late to the party (or prom) but I found this and thought it appropriate: IT'S NAMED FOR AND DESCRIBED AS a dress for regina spektor. just saying.
  3. Sexuality

    Disgusting stereotypes are disgusting and stereotypical.
  4. Real Life "Regina Moments"

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: When I'm watching TV and there's mention of what's going on in the ten o'clock news I think "Oh I'd better not watch that..." Especially Fox. I was in an iced cream shop here in nyc, and I stumbled out the door with a friend (we tried to get through at the same time) and while laughing, I fell into a giant iced cream cone. THE giant iced cream cone. I had no idea - I didn't even see it while walking in! And also there's a house on the corner of my street that's really lovely, and it's for sale. Every time I walk past it, I think, "...but they've got homes of their own" from poor little rich boy. Ridiculous!
  5. Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

    I would love for this to happen. Obviously money is tight, so I'll have to see what the circumstances are when the opportunity comes up. For the moment, though, I am dreaming for this to happen! Much love, Juanito-ito-ito.
  6. Additional far Tour Dates

    Also, the concert has been removed from the Apple Store website.. are we sure it's still on?
  7. Additional far Tour Dates

    Doors are certainly not 6-ish. Apple Store protocol includes waiting until around 6:45, shooing everyone out, then bringing in small herds of people as mentioned earlier. They wouldn't miss an hour of sales more than they have to, especially a friday night.
  8. If anyone is interested!

    One thousand dollars! That's a good joke!
  9. Review of "Far"

    quote: from the prefix article: "If you listen closely, “Human” picks up the same but slightly altered theme of a much older track, “Love Affair,” which is the first track off of the Spektor album Eleven:Eleven." I was thinking this the other day. They start with the same exact notes, just played differently.
  10. Far mainstream acceptance

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by Savabug!: The principal of my school told me yesterday, "I bought that new Regina Spektor album you told me about last month.... It's really good!" Man, I grew up in B'klyn. I swear, we always seemed to be in school way past everyone else. Are you guys done now? And an "A+" for nailing a senior member of the administration!! Yeah, we've been "out of school" since the 12th, but we've had those damned Regent exams until the 24th!!! I got my report card yesterday, and the public school seniors graduated yesterday as well. Nothing like waiting until last minute, I guess. (I'm private school, and the seniors here graduated the 7th.. haha)
  11. Far mainstream acceptance

    The principal of my school told me yesterday, "I bought that new Regina Spektor album you told me about last month.... It's really good!"
  12. Review of "Far"

    I actually almost entirely agreed with that review.
  13. <resurrects> The entirety of the song "Us" is on the movie's website, in the bottom right corner "music player" thingy. Skip through the rest to find it. It's also in the trailer, really appropriately. I really want to see this movie now. There's also this weird yet oddly informative summary of her albums...
  14. Machine is like "The Flowers"

    I was thinking this morning how I could play Machine, and it's very musically similar to both "Us" and "The Flowers" in that it's a fragmented (segmented? broken-up-ended?) chord played the same way in all three. Although it sounds different, and the part where she harmonizes over the flowing piano reminds me of the music the history channel used to play in their shows in the 90s. Yeah.... *dork*
  15. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    I think there was a live album being recorded last night. Simply because I sat right in front of a mic set directly on the audience. Which I thought was weird. They put one on each side of the stage... And she also asked people not to call out song names, which she almost never does... So i think there's some recording going there. If there was, YAY! If not.. weird, but still yay! haha