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  1. Reg @ Ryman Auditorium- Nashville (11.16.09)

    The only artist I can think of, who played so many new songs before they were released(dating myself here!) would be Bruce Springsteen back in the day. He always used to do that, some which he would later record and others he never did, or wouldn't for years and years. But, Regina's situation was unique in the sense that she virtually had, and still has, a entire catalog of unreleased songs, which were out there on the Internet. Not to state the obvious, she is amazingly prolific as a writer. We already have what? 3 news songs since Far's release? Riot Gear, Ink Stains and Piano/Firewood? And, all 3 are amazing songs--Firewood I absolutely love! Beautiful song.
  2. Folding Chair music video

    Very nice job, Adam! I like the concept very much, I like the dancers. I think a kind of retro Beach Blanket Bingo thing(God I'm aging myself there!) is a great idea, only Spektorized, of course. The only reason I don't think Regina would do the beach thing would be because, I can't imagine her getting into a bathing suit, never mind dancing around in one! Lord knows I'd die a happy man if she did. But, alas she seems too shy and has always been remiss to "cash in," on her looks. I betcha' her record label would love the idea though!! I betcha' they've been trying for years to get her to do something along those lines.
  3. Far sales

    Why would I? To give back as much as I can to Regina for all the pleasure and wonder she has given me. Ah duh! And, who's to say I won't give it to someone? Maybe I will? I can't think of anyone off hand. Maybe I'll just leave it somewhere to be discovered by some wayward soul.
  4. Far sales

    Well, make it 153,326! I was ordering some stuff from Amazon and grabbed another copy. Not sure what I'll use this one for. Maybe a coaster??
  5. Far sales

    Amazing! Is this the, Begin To Hope type of climb we are seeing? One thing we all need to cross our fingers on--a Grammy nomination! How cool would that be?
  6. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    Nice job, altered! I'm digging it! The sound holds up suprisingly well and the screen shots work well also. Thank you!
  7. Far sales

    That's absolutely amazing! A 91 spot jump?? For people pissing on SNL, I think we just witnessed the power it still has. It also speaks volumes to the fact that all Regina needs is to be seen and heard and people respond. I just wish she could somehow do an extended T.V. concert, PBS or something like that.
  8. Regina on

    Ahhh, ok, so this is kind of old. It was featured prominently on AOL today. Good idea, what with SNL coming up. Also, quite the fitting tie in with, Where The Wild Things Are. Seems like a Spektorish movie!
  9. Regina on

    Not sure if anyone has posted this yet.
  10. Regina on

    Not sure if anyone has posted this yet.
  11. New Music Video

    I'd say, yeah, it has, but it's always nice to see again!
  12. Far sales

    No worries, almost. I didn't mean to sound negative, rather it's just a reality that has been played out many times before in the music biz. When you discover an artist on the way up, there is something special in that. It's almost as if they are your's. Then, if they do reach greater heights, while your happy for them, it does kind of feel like they've been taken from you, somehow. But, again, I would agree, in that I would wish nothing less for Regina than whatever success she may want.
  13. Far sales

    Just for the record, I'm certainly not rooting for her not to be successful. Quite the opposite. I was amped when I saw her album debut at #3. And, make no mistake, she is already very successful, by any measure.
  14. Far sales

    You know as fans of Regina, we all want all the success she can get, as she certainly deserves it. But, of course if that monster success ever comes, it comes with a price. Suddenly she won't be playing small clubs and theaters anymore. She'll be in arenas. Suddenly getting tickets won't be so easy, or so cheap. Suddenly ticket scalpers will scoop all the good seats before we get a chance. Suddenly, there will be a bunch of Johnny-come-latelys scarfing up all those tickets and telling us how they've always loved Regina! Suddenly she will be too popular to mingle with the crowds after the show, as the crowds will be too big to mingle with. So, maybe it's best Regina stay in the place she's carved out for herself. She's doing quite well, right where she is. Be careful what you wish for, a wise man once said. Because you just might get it.
  15. Far sales

    A "jump," of one slot to #60 this week. That is good news. What you hope for is that it arrives at a sticking point, where it stays in the charts for an extended period of time.