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  1. Announcement about DVD :)

    ^^ I love the part where she's singing in the shower.
  2. Announcement about DVD :)

    It's available for pre-order on amazon.com and amazon.ca but I also wonder why it's not on her website.
  3. RIP Dan Cho

    I am very shocked and saddened by this news. I send my deepest and most sincere condolences to Dan's family and friends.
  4. Here's my code: /YV4PaYBWw3sl5pPDhoCIA==
  5. WOW!!!! I actually won something!! This must be my lucky day! Many thanks to Aaron!
  6. post your favorite photos of regina

    Is the lady on the far right Nina Egli, the designer that makes a lot the jewelry Regina wears? I have a feeling that it is...
  7. post your favorite photos of regina

    It is her!!! I found this scan of the magazine on this website: http://forums.thefashionspot.c...-knight-56046-2.html Hooray, mystery solved!!
  8. quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: quote: Originally posted by 'shboom: Whoo! Finally finished! WOW! That is stunning! GREAT JOB!!! Thanks so much!! I was really nervous about how it would come out but I'm pretty happy with it.
  9. Interviews & Appearences 2009

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: a great interview, ruined. Voila! The version that is not ruined! This one isn't dubbed over with German. http://www.arte.tv/de/suche/2751236.html
  10. 500 Days Of Summer

    Well, I just got home from not watching the movie. I get there with my nifty passes to the advance screening which I won in a contest and they tell me, "Sorry, it's sold out." Oh, the irony of winning a contest and not getting the prize.
  11. 500 Days Of Summer

    I won tickets to go see an advance screening of the movie today. Yay, I'm soooo excited!!!
  12. post your favorite photos of regina

    ^^ Hmmm, I wonder if one of those plants is named Mozart... Regina looks great by the way but for some reason the hand on the hip and the look in her eye make me feel like she's about to scold someone.
  13. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by the monster in your closet: So Saturday I went to a Broken Social Scene concert. They brought friends! Metric, the lead from Apostle of Hustle, Feist, Amy Milan, and others. It was two hours of awesome. And it was free! That's so cool that Emily, Feist, and Amy came along. For the longest time they were either replaced by other female singers or it was just the guys touring. Do you know if they're going to release a new album as Broken Social Scene anytime soon? Lately it's been all of this "Broken Social Scene Presents..." stuff.
  14. 500 Days Of Summer

    I found this article on the movie. In it the director Marc Webb gives a personal commentary on each of the songs used in the movie and why he decided to choose these songs. I also found that the clip that "Hero" plays in happens to be really cool. It's the first time I've ever seen that cool split screen effect in a movie.