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  1. pictures and videos of interest...

    And, as before, we discovered that we don't actually know the words.
  2. pictures and videos of interest...

    Oh hey that's me. Also, this happened: because we don't actually know the words to The Book of Love
  3. photos of ourselves !

    Hello all! I have a Regina-realted story which coincides with some photos! Today at work I was rining up a couple of customers - two young ladies, one was buying a skirt (I work in a womens' clothing store)- when one of the girls commented on my hair. She said: "You have really wonderful curls!" To which I blushed (I always blush) "Oh, wow, thanks!" "They're like... have you heard of Regina Spektor?" She went on, "Oh my God, YES. She's kind of one of my favourite artists of all time, like, since I was 11!" I was a bit excited. Despite my curls no one has ever told me I looked like Reg before. "Me too!" She exclaimed, "well not since I was 11, but I love her, she's definitely amazing." We went on gushing about how we both loved Regina's music and I mentioned that I saw her once in concert. "Me too!" Exclaimed the girl, "it was in Toronto." "Me too!" I shouted, "like, a long time ago" The girl agrees, starts attempting to count back the years and determine how long ago it was. "4 years?" I ask, "yeah! I think so!" "And Cirque du Soleil was set up beside the venue?" "Yeah, and it was way out by the water?" "Yeah! Out past harbourfront! Oh my god!" "Wow! That was such a good show!" We talked a bit more and her friend payed for the skirt and they were on their way. Before they left she told me that since I had such similar hair I would totally be able to pull off the little bun-thing that Regina sports in the music video for Fidelity. I'd never tried that look before, so I went home and gave it a shot - here are the pictures. And if that girl happens to be a 'stixite - heya! You really made my night And one of Reg: My hair is currently a bit curlier than her's in the video, I'll have to try it again sometime.
  4. New music we should all hear

    Here are some friends of mine! I saw them play the other day and was right impressed with them. Especially their guitarist, who happens to be legally blind. He can shred a kickass guitar solo on his mandolin, too.
  5. Good News Thread!

    Man, kittens are the best! You're gunna have a hard time bringing yourself to give them away, especially since she looks like a Siamese cat, and ohmygoodness have you seen (even part) Siamese kittens? Good luck, and I hope they all come through healthy.
  6. Good News Thread!

    Good on you for rescuing that cat, Kaoir! She looks like a sweet kitten I can't wait until I get my cats back, speaking of which... My good news is actually a follow-up to my "Wee Rant" from the other day - WE FOUND AN APARTMENT. Weeeeoooo! As soon as we move in I'll be able to keep my cats again, I miss them! Also the place has so much space. SO MUCH.
  7. Wee Rants

    So! Ever since I broke up with my boyfriend I've been staying at a friend's place. There were four of them, two girls and two guys, and now there's me too. It's not so bad, one of the guys and one of the girls are basically my two best friends and I would rather be living with friends than all on my own after that. Now it's getting close to the summer and the two guys, who are longtime best friends themselves, are set to move out and have found a place. The plan was for myself and the other two girls to find a place together, but one of the girls (the one whom I do not know as well) has decided to take a year off and go home. So now we're looking for either a two bedroom place or a three bedroom place since I do have one friend interested in moving in with us. But it's hard. Places close to school are either tiny or too expensive or both. I've been living out of a duffle bag in my best friend's bedroom for two and a half months. I miss my cats. I'm starting to realise how lucky I was to have such a nice place before at such an affordable price (two people to a one bedroom, couples really do get off easier). I just want a bedroom again. Even with Mat I didn't really have my own space, even the decor was mostly his, I want a place to make my own. Apartment hunting is hard. I just want a place to live.
  8. Wee Rants

    I don't know whether this belongs in wee rants or major rants because it really isn't a rant at all but the 'stix has always been a really supportive and lovely place to me. Those who have been here long enough have seen me around and may have seen my posts pertaining to the beginning of my relationship four years ago. I'm beginning to have some serious doubts. I'm 19 and don't know who I am or what I want. There are a lot of problems between us that have been sitting untreated for years and I don't know how to deal with them. There's also a lot of good. We live together. We have stuff. I'm scared. The question of us lasting has never really been an issue, but now I'm not sure if I want to stay; if I can stay, if it would be healthy for me to stay. Before Christmas I was starting to worry that our next fight might be our last. Then we had a fight, then a discussion, decided it was an overreaction and to "work on it". That should have resolved it, we should be doing better, and in truth there is no Big Thing right now, no cause for a fight of any sort of magnitude. I just feel done. And I'm still worried that the next fight will be our last. I got really drunk last night and poured my heart out to a couple good friends. They gave me some very good advice and support and I thought I had made some decisions. Then I came home, and now I don't know what to do at all.
  9. Our Regina art.

    those are incredible, Mikey! So I drew this on my wrist tonight. I've been doodling this quote from Ghost of Corporate Future in my notebooks lately and it pretty much sums up my entire outlook on life. It has been my mantra/go-to saying whenever I get in an argument (especially concerning any form of discrimination) for years so I've been thinking about actualizing it in tattoo form one day. Not sure if I'd keep the design the same, but the words. What do you think, 'stix?
  10. Wee Rants

    Not at all.
  11. Bulletin Posts

    So my boyfriend just entered the room while I was on the main index page and said in passing "She looks like Kristen Schall" to which I said, "who does?" and he clarified: "Regina Spektor" I think it may have come up before, but they really do bear a striking resemblance. Which is fine really, since I love them both.
  12. Wee Rants

    It is almost 2 am. I got home from a 6-hour shift (after a full day of classes) at my job as a server/bartender for this super boring wedding about an hour and a half ago and still can't sleep. I have to wake up in four hours to go to my other job at a clothing store, to work an 8 hour shift. At least I brought home a ton of free pie.
  13. pictures and videos of interest...

    Was... was he the dude with the song about being a loser? 'Cause I friggin' loved him. EDIT: I'm pretty sure it is him! I have never forgotten his song, it was on my myspace profile for a while back in the day. Edit, edit. It is definitely definitely him. Does he still come 'round here ever? Come back, peterquint, your songs make me happy. If only I'd seen it in time, apparently the deadline has passed. I really wanted to contribute!
  14. The New Forum

    Thank you good sir/madam! Feels good to be back.
  15. The New Forum

    Ah, that makes sense then. The Monster In Your Closet account I had was created....8 years ago? And on a different e-mail address that I don't use anymore. How disappointing. I wonder if I can still log onto that e-mail account... do they disable them if you don't use them for a number of years?