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  1. Regina's Radiohead Cover on iTunes this tuesday!

    It's alright, I don't exactly love it but it's fine. I will probably warm up to it more since I do like the arrangement overall, but it will never top the original for me, especially since it is one of my favorite Radiohead songs.
  2. Disliked Regina's songs.

    Songs I dislike I just don't keep on my iPod... Bobbing for Apples, The Call, Dead Rat, Lady, One String Blues, Paris, Silly Eye Color Generalizations, The Virgin Queen, Your Honor (this one is my absolute least favorite of the bunch)
  3. Concerts?

    Seen Regina Spektor Coldplay Want to See Radiohead Elton John the Dresden Dolls but mostly Radiohead.
  4. Anyone have any song/show restoring requests?

    quote: Originally posted by Kb93: here is the second 8th floor here is the recording ofus from the dallas show... *squees* thank you soso much! very generous of you it's so much better now I can actually make out her words clearly haha
  5. Anyone have any song/show restoring requests?

    Braille sounds really awesome! thank you I was wondering, I know you've already done 8th floor but would it be possible for you to do the version played at the Sidewalk Cafe on May 4, 2002? I know it's a lot to ask but this is my favorite version by far and if you could maybe, help it a little? I would love you forever. Totally understand if you don't feel like it though!
  6. WHAT TO WEAR >>>>>????

    I wouldn't stress too much. People go all kinds of ways. I've seen people very dressed up, very dressed down, and everything in between for both indoor and outdoor concerts. Whatever you choose, you should be fine
  7. Far EPK

    Maybe this link will work? http://www.reginaspektor.org/videos/viewvideo/13 Otherwise if you go the http://www.reginaspektor.org/ on the lefthand side, it's the second item underneath the Soho EP. Hopefully you can click it from there
  8. Most played Regina song?

    Loveology w/ 300 plays It's not my most played song overall in iTunes but it's in the top 20 most played songs
  9. Party w reg after RCMH

    I. AM. SO. THERE!
  10. Sleeping Beauty on Bdwy

    quote: Originally posted by Crispy Crispy Benjamin Franklin: I got really excited, and then saw that reg won't be writing the lyrics... But I'm still really really excited!!! This is amazing. I think it's a cool next step for her to take. Same here! I wish they'd use her lyrics b/c I'd love to see the "stories" she'd come up with with Sleeping Beauty as the theme. But this is still awesomesauce
  11. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    OK phew! hehe. thanks for replying!
  12. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    So has anyone received their tickets yet? I still haven't gotten mine and was just wondering if this was normal or not heh
  13. I hate getting old.

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: I'm about to turn 33 in a few weeks. congratulations! you should be CELEBRATING YOUR LIFE! here's to 33 years and hopefully many more
  14. Ok... the best Regina song evah is....

  15. Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

    I'd definitely be willing to chip in! And I could probably contribute up to $250 (though I would prefer $1-100, which is why I voted for that). if anything, my bigger concern is what day it would be. Since I'm taking graphic design classes next fall, I can't miss too many (I'm already going to miss at least one for Radio City). But this would be truly awesome if we could get it done