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  1. Who would you like to see Regina play with?? This could be as a joint tour, festival, anything as long as their in the same vicinity on the same day. My wish list is: Jason Mraz Sufjan Stevens Feist and just for some spice, I'd like to see what would happen if she went into the studio or performed with Lupe Fiasco
  2. Regina is everywhere

    quote: Originally posted by ohmarcello: SOOOOO GOOD!!! The original sit-in location in the North End is even better! Is that at the Pru? awww I miss Beantown :'(
  3. Is this reg?

    I have the clean GND demo if anyone wants...
  4. Regina is everywhere

    Reg should get this porcupine as a pet! http://www.wimp.com/porcupinepuppy/
  5. RIP Dan Cho

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Just in case anyone didn't see the other thread, we Brumstix are planning to send some flowers in Dan's honor & memory. Please help us decide or share your thoughts in THIS thread. You guys are too awesome for words! Such a sad and unfortunate loss. On a separate note did you guys notice that he favorited the entire McCarren Park concert on his YouTube account? That made it really hit home for me. :'(
  6. Jay Z uses regina sample

    So I figured I'd put this hear, no word on whether this elusive Reg sample will be on it though.... http://pitchfork.com/news/3877...ase-hits-collection/
  7. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    Hey guys, so I was just checking out reg's online store and they have the shirt she was wearing up for sale BUT then I noticed something, it says the shirt is called "No Surprises" and it explains that she performed No Surprises by radiohead at the haiti concert...thing is I haven't heard ONE person on here mention this. Whats the dealio? did she play it or not? I'd be really surprised if radiohead didn't allow her to cover it or something (if they can decide this or not I have no clue). I'm honestly salivating over the prospect of reg doing a radiohead cover and would LOVELOVELOVE to hear it. Any ideas? Oh and here's the link to the shirt, http://reginaspektorstore.warn...no-surprises-t-shirt p.s. Anyone know if she ever chose a winner for the t-shirt design concert??
  8. ingrid michaelson is the shit....

    I don't know if this has been posted here before, but I just came across this beautiful cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" performed by Ingrid. AMAZING!!!
  9. What is "Falling Close?"

    well here's the user that added the entry, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S...utions/ and here's the user that took it away, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S...utions/ I'd say take it with a grain of salt unless we here something official.
  10. Live on WERS 88.9 FM (9.21.09)

    UGH of course the one semester I choose to go to the other coast and she plays at my school
  11. Regina is everywhere

    Sooo I saw this comic and for some reason it reminded me in Regina...not sure why exactly...maybe you'll see what I mean... http://www.harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=213
  12. Our newest friend, Reggie Watts

    Hey guys so I'm assuming you all (the ones who came to McCarren) remember Reggie Watts . Well he's going to be playing a couple of shows in the next few months and I thought it'd be cool for the stix to show some love to Reggie and go to his shows. The dates are Nov. 6 and Oct. 12 at Joe's Pub. Here's a link with the info. I think I'll be coming to the October show since the November show is in the middle of the week and I have school.
  13. Our newest friend, Reggie Watts

    Just saw him tonight in LA at Spaceland. UUUUUUHHHHMAZING!!!!!!!!
  14. Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

    I would totally be down and would be willing to pay just about any price especially if it will be that intimate and small. Only thing is I won't be back in the northeast till mid-January, so if it's anytime after then then definitely count me in!
  15. XfM Show

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: I just bought this from eBay, do you think it is any good? It sounds like it could be the Barfly concert, let us know whats on it in terms of tracks and what the bonus features are, congrats on the neat find!
  16. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Yeah I cancelled my iTunes Pre-Order, I hope this version has all the bonus tracks like time is all around and the iron and chain thing song. I really hope it gets here on the same day or before (crossing fingers)
  17. TED - long beach feb 4 2009

    Still no video of the performance but the TED blog did post one attendee's notebook from the conference and one of the pages references her, not much info except that she played "Apres Moi" which I think we already knew.
  18. Regina on Jools next Tuesday

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: well reg will be on jools in two hours, reginaspektor.org says it is supposed to broadcast live here, but when you click play, it says not available in your area. anyone know why? YAY COPYRIGHT LAWS!!!!
  19. BLUE LIPS!!

    quote: Originally posted by jesse: quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: I guess the one problem I have is that her vocal isn't as passionate as the one from 10-17-2004. Right, and I'm sure she also doesn't hit the key with exactly the same amount of force at that one part as she does in the 2004-03-30 recording and the cellist plays a part on 2005-04-01 that's not in the album version and it completely ruins the song making Jeff Lynne an evil, evil man. lolz.
  20. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    Is anyone buying them for presale in a half hour? I really want to go but I'm many states away for the summer so I'd have to fly up and I'm not sure I wanna spend that much...BUT if anyone does buy them today can you let us know if you get the downloads of laughing with and blue lips today as well? Anyways someone could put it up where us mere mortals can download it as well?
  21. Cracked article on Regina

    A Cracked columnist wrote a "break-up letter" to Regina...eh not the funniest thing ever.... http://www.cracked.com/blog/my...r-to-regina-spektor/
  22. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    When I listend to Laughing With the first time I thought, "What the what?! THIS is the first single?!" but then I repeated it like 3 more times and once I listend more to the lyrics instead of the awkward rhythm I really like it AHHHH CAN'T WAIT TILL THE 23rd!
  23. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    mod takes down the music video pic in: 3 .... 2 ..... 1 .....
  24. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Reg's myspace default just changed to the cover art for "Far".... le sigh
  25. Cracked article on Regina

    A Cracked columnist wrote a "break-up letter" to Regina...eh not the funniest thing ever.... http://www.cracked.com/blog/my...r-to-regina-spektor/