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  1. DVD Screenings

    Ugh my flight home for Thanksgiving is on that Tuesday. Now I can't go.
  2. DVD Screenings

    I'll definitely be there! I literally live right down the street... this is awesome.
  3. It was really nice meeting you all. I had a great time and the show was fantastic. Did anyone get any audio/video of Rachel? I thought she was really great.
  4. I'm definitely going to be there.
  5. Tonic 14 feb. 2004

    omg... regina is the most adorable person on the planet.
  6. Tonic 14 feb. 2004

    i love how in the intro of dog & pony, the faces she makes are exactly what I'd imagined while listening to the mp3 so many times. I love Regina
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    i'm not in a very good mood right now.. i must say regina spektor is a goddess. how can one person be so wise and in tune with absolutely everything in the world? i am listening to "begin to hope" right now (the song, not the cd) thank you regina
  8. The Piano is not firewood yet.

    quote: Originally posted by spangler: oops sorry, i'm newish to brumstix. It's not your fault, the song discussion is kinda buried. i think having a thread here too is good because not everyone reads every show thread.
  9. The Noise

    Does anyone have a high quality version of this song? i've only heard it once and the recording was really bad/near unlistenable
  10. Interesting...

    Haha, I think Za Karikyureishon is my favorite.
  11. A Cooler Version of Yourself

    probably one of regina's most straight-forward songs. i love the melody but as a guy I find this song kinda hard to relate to
  12. Louisville, KY Nov 19 2009

    Yep, that was me! Where were you? Near the people that were yelling during all of Jupiter One's set? I loved when the blonde woman went to the security guard and complained. I sort of wanted them to keep being loud so Regina could tell them to STFU haha. For me the highlights of the show were: Dance Anthem of the 80s Silly Eye Color Generalizations (the face she made when she said confusing was adorable) Bobbing for Apples Poor Little Rich Boy (I think I just like when Regina messes up ) Sailor Song And I never really liked Love You're A Whore until last night.. It's just so good live at the end of the show. My view was sort of obstructed by the piano like I feared but it didn't really bother me that much. It was just cool being so close (and I could see Regina's reflection perfectly in the drum set; it was a pretty nice coincidence)
  13. Louisville, KY Nov 19 2009

    i just got back.. it was amazing!!! wow, regina had a lot of energy. I was really surprised when she played Sailor Song. It was realllyy amazing. I think she pretended to forget the words when she got the Kentucky part as a joke. it was really funny/cute. I was screaming Kentucky haha and afterwords she said something about the people in the front row helping with the words but I couldn't really hear over the cheers. I think Regina has gotten over her sickness too because she said she was like a vampire but in this city she really went outside for the first time and saw the light. And that louisville was "fucking awesome"
  14. Louisville, KY Nov 19 2009

    I'm pumped. But I have a looooong car ride.
  15. Louisville, KY Nov 19 2009

    Haha yessss.