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  1. Review of "Far"

    did you guys read the Pitchfork review? ridiculous. pissed me off.
  2. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

  3. Review of "Far"

    I agree with the above ^^. as much as I prefer regina's older style, though, i feel that it would be selfish of me to try to decide that she shouldn't change. we all change and evolve...it's a fact of life. plus, i'm willing to bet that her new style was adopted out of necessity, because as unfortunate as it is, surviving on the salary of a little-known indie artist is pretty difficult . i also think that regina's new fame and accessibility make her acoustic roots much more precious to us. think about it. if she was always that way, we would take advantage of it. we wouldn't cherish it the way we do now.
  4. Review of "Far"

    oh goodness...I just read the entire thread..and honestly...I'm so angry...I hate critics! I hate that they would dismiss Regina's (or anyone's) work as "middle-of-the-road" or "cliche" or "just another female piano player." It's disgusting. It's somebody's work of art. Somebody poured their fucking soul out to make something that is meaningful and beautiful to them personally, as well as to all of their fans. And then those insensitive, close-minded critics dismiss the work that the artist slaved over and try to impose their own opinions of good and bad music onto everyone else. just. shut. up.
  5. Review of "Far"

    I was too lazy to read this entire thread, so maybe someone already made the complaint that I am about to, but... "At moments Miss Spektor comes across as the female Ben Folds, and at others she could be Tori Amos. As repetition is meant to emphasize a point, I'd like to say again that she's better at the Ben Folds moments." Ugh! REGINA IS NOT TORI AMOS. REGINA IS NOT BEN FOLDS. She is so different from either of them in style, character, themes, etc...I don't even see the need for a comparison. Why can't she just be her?? Why can't she just be judged for her own merits rather than how she measures up to "similar" artists!?!?
  6. 1999 demo tape

    quote: Originally posted by Ficky: Originally posted by CommonLoon: "If anyone should be deprived of Regina's music, the reason for the deprivation should not be that this person hasn't made friends with the right people but that none of us really has a right to hear the songs that Regina doesn't want to be heard." So, so undeniably TRUE. That whole post was SO LAME, by the way, Perks, the idea that the people who shared it are the "cool kids from school," which, no offense to anyone and myself being included, I'm pretty sure no one here was one of the cool kids at school, which is why we all love Regina maybe, the misfits, looking for acceptance and love and community of equals as Regina fans, not as a "stix member" that has been here for x number of days or posted x number of times or happened to earn the entitlement, and yes it is entitlement, to be included in the "hierarchy of the elders" and deemed worthy of receiving something. But maybe that's why we have this clique here, get to experience what it's like to have the power and prestige over somebody that you missed out on in high school. Wow. Um. Way to go. You're in the big time now. Quote from the CBS Sunday Morning Regina appearance: "I'm a tough girl from the Bronx." She's also been quoted as saying that people thought she was being forced to change her sound on "Begin to Hope" and she said, no, this is what I wanted it to sound like, no one can make me do anything, I'm very bull headed. When did Regina say she was entrusting you to decide who to dole her songs out to? That's what you're acting like. You're The Regina Superfan Clan of Heroes, out to defend and protect Regina. Except she never asked you to. She doesn't even know who you are. You're not her best friends. You're FANS, like the rest of us, who happen to know someone who was able to pay $600 for a cassette tape. It's either OKAY to share them with EVERYONE... or it's NOT OKAY to share them with ANYONE. It feels like you "cool kids" brought cupcakes to class, but only enough for your little clique, and the rest of us were supposed to sit and watch you eat them. But worse than that. One of a kind, irreplaceable cupcakes that we all really, really want to taste. Several of you admit that you got off on the fact that you were sharing in this delicious, sacred little secret. IS THAT HOW PITIFUL YOUR LIFE REALLY IS? That's how you get your kicks? This whole thing is so ridiculous. I'm SO THRILLED the songs are out. I think from PeterPan's original post, it's CLEAR Regina didn't really care strongly about this issue one way or the other. So we're not hurting her. We're hurting the "elite" group that wanted to keep the power over us. And they're trying to make us feel guilty that we are going against Regina's wishes when we're really not. GET OVER YOURSELVES. THANK YOU FOR THIS!
  7. 1999 demo tape

    The notion that the point of the "club" was to protect reg makes me laugh. That is the most twisted logic I've ever heard. Clearly, forming a club did not protect her; It did just the opposite. Protecting her would have been NEVER sharing the songs. I think you meant that the point of the club was to protect the status of the select few. I'd also like to point out that the people who are defending the sharing of the tape among the elite few are the very people who were IN the elite few. Perks, I understand your annoyance at everybody getting upset over this, but you are being very insensitive and unwilling to see from others' perspectives. Telling people to "grow up" for speaking out against what they see as an injustice, especially when you have no way of knowing what it was to experience that injustice, is just plain wrong.
  8. 1999 demo tape

    I'm sorry, but what JohnnyC wrote is just plain wrong. Sharing the tape in the first place was wrong. Period. Regina wanted it to be heard by the least number of people possible. Period. And to defend sharing the tape is, in my mind, a disgusting act of self-justification. And he calls US juvenile for getting upset at the elitism and secretiveness present in brumstix? When all this time we have believed that this was a community of people who respected Regina, as well as one another? It makes me sick. I think the select group of 15-20 people are the juvenile ones.
  9. 1999 demo tape

    quote: Originally posted by Brenna!: I just think it's disgusting how a select 15-20 members were chosen to be part of this little club. And the way it was done? With George being consulted on who was trustworthy? So f'ing tacky. Really hurtful, too, which is stupid, because it's just an online forum. But I really did think I was part of this community, and to find out I never was... Yeah, it sucks. Guess I'm going back to Fragment. I completely agree. I'm annoyed that the "trusted" people who received copies of that tape are angry that the rest of Regina's fans have the opportunity to hear it, as if it's okay for them and only them to hear it. as if they were Regina's chosen few. It seems almost as if they care more about maintaining their status as the privileged elite than honoring regina's wishes. It's disgusting. I hate to say that, but it's how I really feel.

    and to make a profit off her work and everything. seems iffy to me.

    quote: Originally posted by Rosa...: quote: Originally posted by Eliana: also- i don't want to point any fingers, but i don't think it is unlikely that the person who sold the tape on ebay posted the songs on youtube. I disagree. If I remember correctly, the person who sold it said in the description that they were selling the tape because they thought Regina was talented, but her music was not their "cup of tea." well, maybe you're right, but i was just thinking that it was not very considerate of them to sell it without asking regina.

    quote: Originally posted by Mrs.snuffleupagus...yeah!!: i dont care if you guys hate me after saying this, but why do you guys care so much why cant you just relax and take a chill pill..so this person that posted the videos isn't taking them down, so what it's not like the end of the world. what if Reg sees this (this big pointless loving, hating argument right here)she would probably be more heart broken then. what if she sees the video, if she does she'll see that everyone loves the songs( i certainly love them) and maybe she'll be all like " oh wow i never thought this many people would like these weird songs i wrote " and she might think to herself " im actually kinda glad this person posted these" yeah i agree that it has been blown out of proportion, but think about it from regina's perspective. a work of art is extremely personal and to have it released to the public against your wishes must be awful. it would be like having your diary released to the world. it is just the betrayal of trust that is upsetting people so much.

    quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: sad though, huh? in response to eliana. were you referring to my first post or second? both of them are sad, though, lol.

    also- i don't want to point any fingers, but i don't think it is unlikely that the person who sold the tape on ebay posted the songs on youtube. selling regina's recording without her permission and without giving her any of the money is disrespectful, and so it would not be out of character.

    oh my goodness...i just read this entire thread and i really don't know what to say....first off, i think these songs are incredible, but i agree that posting them on youtube was not right. i also agree with jesse in that i don't think this is as big a deal as we are all making it out to be. it was wrong, yes, but certainly not the end of the world, and i think that it is crucial that we brumstixers not turn against one another because of this situation. it's not right to say someone else is not a "true fan" just because he or she has a different opinion. and it's not right to turn this into an "us" and "them" situation, because that just polarizes people even more and makes us all irrationally hostile toward one another. i understand everybody's anger. i really do, but lashing out will not help, and it is probably just what the poster of the songs wants.