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    quote: Originally posted by xxLady: Does anyone know where to find some of her music like Long Brown Hair or Begin to Hope (the song not the album)? I did "Begin to Hope" a few years ago. Here it is!
  2. Jessica {WWSFTCS}

    I get a sad vibe from it too. Almost like Jessica has died and the narrator has lost her joy ("I'm out of melodies"). S/he's begging (all the "please" passages) Jessica to wake up so s/he can move on with his/her life ("we must get older"). Either way, I feel like this is a "Beauty" reject. In an interview from a few years ago Regi said she had too many songs for the project and could easily fill a few albums with them. Perhaps this is one? (Especially since it doesn't follow the character of the album at all....WWSFTCS is more dark/mysterious/melancholy and piano heavy for this maudlin guitar tune. It sounds like a soliloquy moment where the main character is in front of the curtain during a scene change in a play)
  3. Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori

    quote: Originally posted by IDontCare: I search for it every day. JohnnyC reportedly has a live recording of it from Montreal that hasn't been heard yet. Hopefully he'll post it somewhere someday. I'm in email correspondence with him about that right now tbh
  4. quote: Originally posted by IDontCare: If you still have that contact info for JohnnyC that'd be AWESOME if you could get in touch with him and see if he still has those Dulce et Decorum recordings lying around. She was sick during the Boston show, though obviously that's the more well known of the two recordings (in fact, I'd imagine most people haven't even heard the second one...) and it's still absolutely GORGEOUS, and in the other one at the Philly show people in the audience are noisy, and the EQ levels are WAYYYYYY too bass-y. It'd be nice to see if either of the other two recordings sound any clearer or something. Email sent. I inquired about the April 8th, 2006 - Montréal, Cabaret Music Hall recording. What would the fourth recording be? I know others recorded the 4-8-2006 show, but did she perform it at another venue? We have: 4-8-2006 Montreal 4-9-2006 Boston ?-?-2006 Philly At her 4-11-2006 show "Dulce" was off the setlist. Also, does anyone have a date for the Philly show? Moreover, does anyone have a copy of the mp3? Heck, I haven't heard it and I have 250+ Regina recordings (that I really need to organize).
  5. quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: ^^wow, thanks guys so did she ever give word that it was definitely not ok to share recordings? they're posted online, and human of the year made it to an album; it's safe to share the recordings now, right? although i'm curious as to what cool thing they were going to be for! I don't think an "official" word ever surfaced, but I kind of remember a year or so later someone said they asked her and she said they were fine to share. As for contacting JohnnyC, I have his email address around here somewhere...I was the gallery admin for his Reginaoplois site back in 2006ish?
  6. quote: Originally posted by RealReality: quote: Originally posted by tourniquet737: ~RANDOM~ Can anyone rip a copy of the "Baby Jesus" demo from that website? I can't figure it out and the quality is awful when I try to record it with Audacity. What's your email? I'll send it to you now ~removed~ You're a saint
  7. Interviews & Appearances 2010

    quote: Originally posted by reginapolisblog: @tourniquet...I'm not sure about the URL only thing. I'm also not sure why it's not available elsewhere, because it's such a good recording, although the "controversial" nature of the song might be the reason. Well if you ever decide to rip an mp3 and share with Brumstix members, you know where to find me
  8. Interviews & Appearances 2010

    You could make it URL the video is hidden to anyone who doesn't visit this forum to see the link. It's probably not on the website because it's ~controversial~ or something. Who knows.
  9. quote: Originally posted by jesse: quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: you'd better enlighten me with yours! haha Can you link where she made this request, or do you remember the way that she asked i.e. through facebook, here on the stix, in a special video, or at a concert or something? i'm very curious, because dulce is an amazing song! i dont think regina made the request publicly anywhere, i think it was a message that was delivered via 'stixers. a taper i think, an important person, but i dont remember which. and there is definitely a demo of dulce. Yeah, I think she asked people to either not record the songs or not share them if they were recording. :: goes to dig through Brumstix to find the thread :: Edit: From this thread: quote: Posted 12 April 2006 09:14 AM NO DICE ON THE TWO NEW SONGS BEING SHARED. 1- "Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori" (also referred to as 'It's Hard to Live') 2- "Human of the Year" I'M SOOOO HAPPY I HAD SOME PATIENCE TO WAIT FOR A REPLY - PLEASE READ: Well, I finally got a reply & I feel it's now my responsibility to spread the news to the other people recording shows. Please DON'T share the two new songs yet! PLEASE. Trust me, it's for a very good reason and you will personally be making Regina very happy if you don't share them just yet... something very cool may happen and we just have to hold off for a while on these songs so that it doesn't get messed up. For those that haven't heard the new songs, you can still check out the lyrics that have been posted. I'm sure your love for Regina's music will give you the strength to wait a bit longer. As for the people with recordings, I know you will all be responsible here, and I'm sure Regina would thank you for that. So thank you, thank you. This is a chance for us to make a real contribution to Regina's success. Much love to you all, ~johnny c! And Regi's Myspace: quote: 1- i know that i always allow tapers- encourage them and all that jazz- it makes me happy that there is such a strong and kind to each other community on my "brumstix" (on my own website), as well as a few other communities where my listeners (who are so sweet that i feel like they are from some other planet, somehow) share music/info/general good to each other shit- but- i really ask not to share the 2 new songs yet- (i have never done that before) so please don't... I am torn because i want to play them at shows, but i need to keep them private from the internet for a little while longer. I hope that you all understand and get over it. It's really not such a big deal- i will drop a line in a week or so either way and then you can put them up wherever you want/ or not... this is important to me, and i assumed that when one nice member of the boards asked me and then wrote a note to everyone about it- it would happen.... well, i assumed wrong, so i'm asking again. Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
  10. ~RANDOM~ Can anyone rip a copy of the "Baby Jesus" demo from that website? I can't figure it out and the quality is awful when I try to record it with Audacity.
  11. @"Adler" No need to apologize Welcome to the forums!
  12. quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: And yeah, when I first became a fan there was a site a lot of people used that had a bunch of live songs and they were labeled as demos for some reason. Pretty easy to get confused with a bunch of mislabeled live songs floating around. So true. A lot of downloads just come with the "Demos & Live" tag for the album. I like to do it by date/venue if possible...especially because some live recordings (be it radio or venue) are super clear, it's easy to confuse them with a demo.
  13. quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: pretty sure this isn't rare: Hero (demo) love love love this Thanks!
  14. The Loveology "demo" is no longer being traded, according to the Youtuber.
  15. quote: Originally posted by jesse: quote: Originally posted by tourniquet737: lol @ people pretending they're ~elite~ for having a "rare" recording if that's what gets you off, you have a pretty pathetic life edit: just did some digging....could this be the loveology "demo?" honestly? :\ I completely understand being an audiophile. Being insufferable? Not so much. Like any real-world resource, if it's rare it's worth more and is "special." That said, I don't understand hoarding the recordings. Back in the 2000s I transcribed a ton of Regina songs...not because I wanted to be elite and have sheet music (I couldn't even play piano then), but because the Regina community wanted access to sheets. While this is an apple-to-oranges argument, I don't see how Regina fans wouldn't want to help other Regina fans. I wrote my senior thesis on Regina's views on Werktreue. She said her songs "have nothing to do with me. I'm just a name. I'm either useful or not." She's also said "'s a very hard life I've been living the past couple of years. I hate to say that, because there's a reason why you try to make music—you want to put it out there for people to hear..." Regina makes her music for fans to hear. She openly encourages recording during her performances (with the rare exception of the "Dulce"/"OMTWF"/'99 Demo Tape moments when she asked them not to be shared). We know she doesn't like her early albums, but she still wants us to hear them. This couldn't be more evident than in the fact that most of her albums contain old "live only" songs ("you always feel some sort of relief when you record one of the older songs because [it’s] like, 'oh, you've been patiently waiting your turn.'") In fact, I think Regina herself would look down on these "elite" music hoarders. When asked about the criticism she received for rerecording "Samson," she said “I'm very unimpressed by purists. I'm like, 'Would you be the person in the room that would boo when Dylan went electric?' I know I wouldn't.” I'm pretty sure she'd be unimpressed with the hoarding. Heck, she even says her recordings are meant to be shared. “I will have this moment of my life captured, and not just in my own memories, but in a way that can be shared with others.” The first time I met her, I even asked if she cared I was transcribing her music and sharing it in that Yahoo group. She said she thought it was great that her fans were sharing her music and she loved that we were doing it. I can only assume the demos could fall under the same thinking. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just trying to understand why there as to be an inner circle of fans. Trading mp3 files like precious medals is fine and good, but I'd love to have some insight on the process.