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  1. New music we should all hear

    Lately, I've been LOVING Alex G and I got to interview him for my podcast!
  2. I love Songs because of its stripped down, raw nature. It's a very intimate. Sometimes I feel Regina's more recent albums are a tad overproduced. A bit too "clean" if you will. I think the little message that's on the back of the slip cover of Songs adds a lot.
  3. I don't think she's ashamed of it. It's just a very rough, one-take each album. Interesting compared to how much studio time she has now and the fact that she refers to herself as a perfectionist in the studio.
  4. Is there a way to upload a photo directly from your hard drive? I took a screen cap from a photo on the Sidewalk website because it wouldnt let me copy the image. These are from
  5. 2012.11.17- Fillmore Miami Beach

    Your photos always come out so beautifully. Thanks for sharing!
  6. 11:11

    Definitely her jazziest record. I think Regina said something in an interview about discovering a lot of famous jazz vocalists when she was in college, and it affected her songwriting/singing style.
  7. Tori Amos Poll

    I don't think all of Tori's music is that sad. But her lyrics tend to be very strange and cryptic. I think most of the time she doesn't even really know what she's talking about. But she's also composed some unbelievably beautiful music. Examples: Winter: Crucify: (the lyrics of this song have always been a bit melodramatic for me but her piano playing/vocal performance is fantastic)Marianne: I love both Regina and Tori but I HATE when they're compared. It's a shallow comparison. And the funny thing is Tori experienced the exact same thing when she first came out. She was endlessly compared to Kate Bush just because they're "quirky" female piano-based singer-songwriters. See:
  8. 2012-10-24 Beacon Theater - New York, NY

    That doesn't surprise me since it was only a few years ago that she sold out Radio City which I believe has twice the capacity of the Beacon.
  9. 2012-10-24 Beacon Theater - New York, NY

    Unfortunately, I'll be missing this show tonight but I look forward to hearing everyone's stories!

    Also, check Craig's List. There are a lot of people with hard tickets charging face value who need to get rid of them last minute.
  11. Brümstix Group Photos!

    I missed the United Palace one! EDIT: And Upper Darby!
  12. The New Forum

    If we may talk about the new site in general, I just wanna say how much I love the "Buy from a local store" option on the music page, encouraging people to support local businesses (not to mention owning a physical copy which I personally like) rather than just downloading it from iTunes.
  13. quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: from an interview in Swedish this summer Another photo by the same guy, Niclas Brunzell.