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  1. 2013-08-13 Prague, CZE

    Regina announced a gig in Prague. August 13th, 2013 Prague Castle, Czech Republic Guess what I will be doing that day...boarding a plane to NYC. I can't believe this is happening:(
  2. Early fan Recordings

    What you are looking for is called the six-58 file. Six-58 used to be a website with loads of Regina songs, the file was just an archive containing all of those songs. It used to be available at Unfortunately, I was unable to find a list that would tell me what exactly was in the file so I have no way of verifying that what I am sending you is the actual six-58 file. I do remember having that collection. I also remember re-tagging it and later dissipating it because it contained mainly songs from shows I already owned full recordings of. However, I did find a copy of "Regina Spektor Live Collection" on one of my old backup cds which I think is just a re-tagged six-58 collection. Download here & enjoy Maybe somebody else can either verify whether this really is the six-58 collection.
  3. Early fan Recordings

    Aaah! I now what you mean now; ok I will fish around for that collection. I am pretty sure I have it somewhere on my hdd...check back tomorrow.
  4. Early fan Recordings

    Hi, I'm so sorry for all your troubles! respektonline does seems to be down for maintenance but a lot of early shows especially those recorded by serge are still on If there's anything you cannot find there and would like to have before respektonline comes back don't hesitate to ask for it. I am happy to help. See this and this for reference to what is available.
  5. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

    Here are several photos and a cute story about how the songs came into being:
  6. A little article with gorgeous pictures:
  7. 10/6 Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts; Storrs, CT

    Courtesy of CTDave from Dimeadozen a recording of the show: 01. Ain't No Cover 02. The Calculation 03. Folding Chair 04. Small Town Moon 05. Ode To Divorce 06. Patron Saint 07. How 08. All The Rowboats 09. Blue Lips 10. On The Radio 11. Call Them Brothers 12. The Prayer of Francois Villon 13. Dance Anthem Of The 80's 14. Better 15. Don't Leave Me (ne me quitte pas) 16. Firewood 17. Ballad Of A Politician 18. Oh Marcello 19. Open 20. The Party 21. crowd 22. Us 23. Fidelity 24. Hotel Song 25. Samson All in one ZIP file Eh, my life has been such a mess the last couple of months, I can't believe I forgot to contribute to the book Oh, well, maybe next time
  8. Bugs & Issues

    Thank you, dear mod!
  9. Bugs & Issues

    Hi, this is Appt in dire need of help.... I have been trying to recover my account/get in touch with someone/create new account since the new site started and only now have I partially succeeded. The password recovery function does not recognize my old username. When I type in the email address used on Brumstix it tells me an email with instructions has been sent but it never comes (I've tried like 10 times already). The address is fully funtional and no spam filters are in place (I did receive the email about the initial move to the new place but nothing else since). I've tried getting in touch with somebody about this but the contact email which is given when you use the recover password function incorrectly (i.e. you type a wrong email or account name) is invalid: it is a "noreply" address which obviously does not work, please, please correct that because people have no way of contacting staff when they are unable to login. Then I tried setting up a temporary account here so I can write for help. I used a different ID, different password and a different email address. The activation email never came. I couldn't figure out what the issue was until I realized it has something to do with the domain...Both the email address on Brumstix and the other one I've tried are on a .cz domain. I don't know wheter this exclusion of non .com addresses is intentional (I hope not) but it is somehow in place. This temporary account was set up using gmail which finally worked. So, can somebody help me? I would like my old account back! Thank you. P.S. Big BIG HELLO to the (old)new community! I've missed you all.
  10. Regina KCRW Los Angeles Show- Free Tickets

    Don't forget to tune in tomorrow!
  11. quote: Originally posted by spektorific: Found this floating on the internet, i think it's regina and the dresden dolls It's from Amanda Palmer's "Who killed Amanda Palmer: A collection of photographic evidence" book. Under the photo there's a caption saying "regina says they're just old light"
  12. A Gift for Regina!

    I would love to participate! I don't have facebook but if it'd be easier for you guys I could create a "fake" one just to join the group...?
  13. Regina on Jimmy Fallon, June 4th

    ^^Thank you! Your work is definitely appreciated. Downloading now....since when is sendspace sooooo slow? I am not familiar with the format or WMC but is a great site if you want to research your options pertaining to that format. This seems like it might do the job. Video players tend to have different filters and codecs and whatnot that influence the way you see the video on your monitor. The video itself might have the same brightness level as the original but it's displayed differently due to the player's settings. I am always looking for high resolution, high bitrate videos of Regina's performances. Since I don't have an access to US TV I rely on what I can get from the internet. So the "bad habit" of yours and other people's is what allows me to see performances like the Fallon and Leno ones! Ad the Leno video: it was the first version I could find so I decided to post it and not wait for the HD version; plus my line sucks so bad that uploading the larger HD file would took hours and hours. Welcome to the Stix and keep those videos coming
  14. quote: Originally posted by spektorific: savannahspektor I know which photo you're referencing, and I'm pretty sure it's been posted here before pretty early on. But it's super funny I know this is a photo thread but does anyone know where this gif is from? I would post on the gif thread but it's pretty much dead. It's from this interview (courtesy of respektonline )
  15. Regina KCRW Los Angeles Show- Free Tickets

    The show will be broadcast on KCRW radio on September 25th. In the meantime photos and interview excerpts: