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  1. Hi everyone, I'm not sure how helpful this will be but I thought I might mention it. I was looking through my iTunes and I found another track with similar metadata, or at least, metadata that followed the same conventions. The track is a crappy bootleg of Old and Wise by The Alan Parsons Project, mislabeled as "as far as my eyes can see" but the interesting bit is that the album is listed as "Unknown Album (13/11/2000 02:09:11)" Since the song is actually from the 1982 album Eye in the Sky, the date assignment seems to be fairly arbitrary. HOWEVER, the track number is listed as 10, which corresponds to the actual track listing. TL;DR I found a file with similar metadata on my computer that suggests that, while the date is probably random, the track number is more likely to be real, and this set probably exists and in that order.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

  3. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "You never should force mechanical things, they are not meant for hardship." - The Clocks Were Asleep "I find the barren state of the earth to be unexpectedly astounding, when given consideration to our continual promenade of loss."
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    ^^That's my favourite track on The Orchard Cheerleader - St. Vincent
  5. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "Someone next door is fucking to one of my songs." - Bobbing for Apples "We contend that you, as well as your team which you have assembled for the purposes of crude extirpation, are immaterial."
  6. Regina's Hogwarts House

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: I think in the sorting hat's song it actually says that hufflepuff is for the people who don't qualify for any of the other houses which is kind of a bummer for people in hufflepuff if you ask me. That's actually something that always bothered me. Up until the Order of the Phoenix, Hufflepuffs were (somewhat vaguely) defined by loyalty and friendship and such. But then in the Sorting Hat's song in the fifth book he says that Helga Hufflepuff just took the rest of the students that were left over. I think that JK Rowling must have realized that this wasn't fair to Hufflepuff, since the house is redeemed repeatedly later in the series (Tonks was in Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff had the 2nd most DA members after Gryffindor and the 2nd most students to stay for the second battle of hogwarts, etc). I treat the "Hufflepuff is for the leftovers" thing as a fanon discontinuity. well that post was longer than i expected it to be
  7. photos of ourselves !

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: I believe that's what she said... relatedly, that's what Bea said.
  8. Good News Thread!

    ^^ she did? How did i miss that? I must have been busy watching Lady Gaga's new Alejandro video and Kylie's All the Lovers video that are both out now. **thud** did you hear those names dropping on the floor?
  9. What are you watching right now?

    Buffy season 1, on the internet. Curse you megavideo 74 minute time limit! Why haven't I gotten into this until now? Oh yeah, I was 3 when it first aired.
  10. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by mrimarokr: I'm officially 17 As in it's your birthday? Happy birthday!
  11. Good News Thread!

    **jaw drop, blink blink** all i can say is wow. Also, quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Yesterday I got a new violin. Guess who is a happy person. Now I'm jealous. And I don't even play the violin!
  12. Good News Thread!

    I just bought concert tix to go see a super wonderful awesome show with my sister at the end of August The Headliners are Tegan and Sara & City and Colour, and the supporting acts are Wintersleep & Ra Ra Riot. Hoorah! This is especially big deal for me cuz this is the first concert that was my idea and is of bands that i actually want to see. I've been to one or two other concerts, but i wasn't at them because i particularly liked the music. they were more social things. I haven't even seen Regina! So I'm counting this as my first actual concert. I excited am.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    As Much As I Ever Could - City and Colour
  14. To dentistgirl and eshbach...

    What a lovely thread, and what a wonderful community we have. Not only do we have awesome generous wonderful people like Jamie and Aaron, but we have heartwarming threads like this one full of people appreciating eachother's generosity and awesomeness. This makes me proud to be a stixer.

    Happy Birthday Jared!! Also, happy belated birthdays to Brady and Silver Bullet Trailer, sorry I missed your birthdays on the real day. Here, have some rainbow cake