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  1. European Summer Tour 2013

    She's going to be in Scotland three days after me, it's breaking my heart.
  2. If anyone needs sheet music...

    Hmm... in hindsight, a lot of the sheet music that I made in my early days of transcribing was probably a bit shit. If anyone comes across anything of mine that blatantly needs redoing, please let me know. I was just figuring finale out when I did a lot of these.

    Happy happy birthday lovely Reginka.
  4. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    Haha I just read this! How wonderful! I love dreams. Glad to spread my horsey wisdom too.
  5. 2012.11.17- Fillmore Miami Beach

    So wonderful Jamie, thank you! I've been feeling such Regina disconnect lately, haven't been around here much at all and there's not really stuff going on, so this was an especially nice read.
  6. In my humble opinion

    Regina is perfectly entitled to share her own opinion on her own facebook page, regardless of whether any of us may agree or disagree with it.
  7. Regina featured in Ben Folds Photo Gallery

    It's really not necessary to make a new topic for every new bit of Regina news you come across. We have Reg in the News for that.
  8. Regina named as a Steinway artist

    nevermind! I have no idea how to delete posts.
  9. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    Oh dear, I just saw this! That's very sweet of you, but I think I will probably not have time until approximately May when school starts to wind down. So I'll have to sit this one out, but I can't wait to see the finished project!
  10. 2012.11.05 Bass Concert Hall Austin, TX

    "Mathias?! That's like... NOT EVEN A NAME." Asshole. People forget that she's a person.

    Ahh Raph! Happy happy birthday, dude! Hope it's wonderful!
  12. 2012.10.13- The Fillmore; Detroit, MI

    Hmm that's interesting... I'm with Emelie on this one, I've always seen it as a sort of sneering, sarcastic sort of thing, and I always see her smile when she sings it as a bit sinister.
  13. 2012-10-24 Beacon Theater - New York, NY

    Wish I was there too... have fun guys, tell us all about it!
  14. Brümstix Group Photos!

    I thought it might be nice to have a place to compile all the group photos that are taken of all of us at various shows so we can easily look back and reminisce. So here are a few... add any you have! Irving Plaza - New York, NY United Palace - New York, NY Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts - Storrs, CT Tower Theatre - Upper Darby, PA Apple Store - New York, NY McCarren Park Pool - Brooklyn, NY
  15. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    Wish I had time to do this.