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  1. UK tour

    The London show was absolutely incredible, was right by the front hehe. Definitely worth the freezing cold wait outside without a coat and umbrella > . < Played just about every song I would have wanted to hear live, and I love that she played 'Love, You're a Whore' xD Favourite moment of the evening was definitely when she burst into a rousing version of 'Us' and then woman next to me started crying =) It was cute! Anyway... awesome show, can't wait to see Regina again (This was my frist time)
  2. UK tour

    About to set out now to get some grub in the city then go queue up in this freezing weather outside the apollo, see you guys later =D
  3. UK tour

    Will be going to the London show, managed to ebay myself some standing tickets as by the time i had money for a ticket it was sold out... ah well got one now =D My first Regina show... aiming to be outside queing by half 5... hoping to get somewhere near the front... and will be there on my own, so if anyone sees a kinda of scruffy, chubby looking 18 year old on their own queuing at half 5, feel free to say hi xD
  4. Regina Song Showdown!

    Gotta be I Want to Sing so... I Want to Sing vs. Hotel Song