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  1. pictures and videos of interest...

    Guys, its been a while so if this is a repeat I'm sorry and I swear there's a dance thread around here somewhere but I can't find it through search (55 pages of results...ugh...no thanks). I just wanted to share this with peeps that aren't my friends on facebook. I'm not a dancer (well...not since I graduated high school anyway hehe), but you've got to admire the choreography. And check the related vids, there's more Reg to be found.
  2. anyone have any respekt related tattoos?

    Thanks! I'm pretty fond of it too!
  3. anyone have any respekt related tattoos?

    Its totally invisible to everyone but me, on the ribs, split the ee cumming line i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart) with my best friend. I got my half in her handwriting and she got her half in my handwriting.
  4. anyone have any respekt related tattoos?

    I have her signature in a book and I'd be happy to scan it for you. I was going to get a Reg tattoo last year but couldn't decide on one quotation and ended up getting something else instead. But eventually I will decide on something and go get my Reg tat!
  5. quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: I can't wait till you start planning the nursery so I can make some nursery arts!!! ME NEITHER!!!!! <3 I'll do whatever you want of course, but I've also got something special planned
  6. BTW, even if they're not born yet, happy mother's day lady!!
  7. Good News Thread!

    ^AH! That's so cute, what a great dad! Jamie- yeah I'm psyched about it! Its especially good since I literally have ten dollars to my name right now (agh!). I think I might end up selling more too, the owner of the gallery is wrestling with himself over buying one of my prints, and of course I'm encouraging as much as I can. I priced my stuff extremely fairly so I don't feel bad about it.
  8. Man, you really don't need to be good at drawing to be an artist these days. One of the girls that showed with me yesterday (one of my very best friends) can't draw worth a lick. But her designs are awesome and with computers and silk screening and transfers and all that crap, drawing skill can totally be faked. (although personally I love drawing and am soooomewhat decent.)
  9. I can't wait till you start planning the nursery so I can make some nursery arts!!!
  10. Good News Thread!

    My senior show was last night, not only has my stressed now decreased exponentially, but it went really well. Sold 7 pieces and got asked to be in a permanent collection. Good times, good times.
  11. Regina's Radiohead Cover on iTunes this tuesday!

    So I've been disgustingly busy lately, with literally no time do anything but work work work. But I was guilt tripped into driving my grandmother and cousin 5 hours to my house to see my brother in a play this Saturday. On the way back today I had the radio on (XMU) but very low because my grandma doesn't like music (crazy, right?). So the top 15 download playlists start and I'm vaguely hearing something that's ringing a cord with me so I strain my ears to hear it. The following is my brain processing what I'm listening to: oh a Radiohead cover sweet!, from OK Computer too, good taste this person has, God she has a nice voice, wait didn't Alicia say something on Facebook about Regina doing a Radiohead cover, aesfhoiawhfouawehriegg, ok ok don't freak out don't freak out don't scare your grandmother. So yes, I love it, I'm happy.
  12. quote: , and hair follicles, tooth buds and nail beds are forming -- setting up a significantly more attractive future. Limes! They're getting big!
  13. Good News Thread!

  14. Bulletin Posts

    *cue Happy Anniversary song* Cheers to you for joining on 4/20!
  15. What are you watching right now?

    Right now I'm watching the clock, waiting for it to reach 9 so I can watch the new episode of Gleeeeeeee.