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  1. Tumblr Anyone? i caved and am now addicted.
  2. Bulletin Posts

    i found my password after lots of months. so hello, brumstix ( and Dominic, even though we are friends on every other social networking site. ;] ) i am sad that scarf season is over.
  3. MoMA Benefit 3/9/11

    !!!!!! my day is made. i also love the irony, hahaha.
  4. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by .: I saw this posted on a post on my way home from work tonight in the east village, and took a picture on my phone. Someone is looking for "Daniel." I'm thinking about posting the picture on Craigslist, for two reasons: 1. To help the person find their Daniel. Maybe the person will see it and realise that they have found help in searching for their long-lost friend or lover or brother or son. 2. To possibly warn Daniel that he was smart in changing his number, because that crazy person that he met once in a bar really is crazy and clingy and will stop at nothing to find him again. totally 2.
  5. Bittersweet News!

    quote: Originally posted by Rosa!: My bittersweet news is that yesterday I visited UT Austin (Longhorn Saturday!). I really, really liked it, but I don't like that it's far away from where I live (although it could be girl came from Chicago), and anyway, I still don't feel ready for college. I can't believe how close I am to adulthood. it seems overwhelming now, but by the time nine months of school pass, you'll be dying to leave. at least that is how I felt. and living far from home will be difficult sometimes but I think it's something everyone needs to experience sometime. you'll do well at whatever you decide!
  6. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: ^Ooo, Congrats! Last "first day of school" ever!? Man, I hope so. - sorry mom didn't take a picture....oh sooo don't want to be here. do you always begin so early?! my happy news is that I got shoes. it's true.
  7. Things to do before you die

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: hmm this wasn't on my list, but it should have been- CRASHING A WEDDING!!!! Sooo fun. I was with some friends downstairs at a piano bar when one, recently engaged, friend suggested we go upstairs and check out the room where a wedding reception was being held (for her potential future use). No idea who the people were, but, CONGRATS! We totally danced to Shout on their dance floor, and got filmed on their wedding video. Good times! Didn't steal, drink, or eat anything though.... The room was huge, and gorgeous and they had chairbags, swoon. remember to sneak onstage and make a drunken speech next time! as for myself, i want to go to Antarctica.
  8. misheard lyrics

    i just found out a few months ago that the "you're getting sadder" line in Better is not "get inside me". oops.
  9. post your favorite photos of regina

    she's one of the few people who look equally great without it.
  10. the SRG appreciation thread.

    srg love goes on forever and ever. quote: Originally posted by .: ... in that picture... are you pointing at the mole? hahaha. ^I would also like to take this opportunity to make fun of Rawin for thinking the infamous tear was a mole.
  11. RIP Dan Cho

    that's awful. it's crazy reg was still able to perform so soon.
  12. Good News Thread!

  13. Facebook and Myspace !
  14. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: so many pictures i love but my boyfriends favorite is this one: she does have pretty good cleavage there.
  15. i love you all.

    hello mr. gale.