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  1. Regina or Owlcity?

    Regina wins for me! but she will win over anyone Owl city is ok, I do love fireflies but thats about it.
  2. Go Jeff Go!

    we just recorded a new song called "allison" please give it a listen and give us a shout if u want. Also, don't listen if you are offended by bad language. Thanks!
  3. eet!!

    SOOOOOO GOOOD!!! I can hardly contain myself!!!
  4. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Everytme I tell one of my friends about reginas new album I start jumping up and down and can't stop. though they know how much I love her so they are kinda used to me reacting that way
  5. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    This just made my day

  7. Songs you hope to see in the next album

    I had a dream a few nights ago that regina finally released her album and all the songs sounded punkish, kinda like your honor it was weird
  8. Our Regina Posters

    I forgot sorry i made it a while ago i did use 3 ful sheets of paper and I think a third of 3 more.
  9. Our Regina Posters

    I made this one a while ago
  10. Let's go to the Movies...

    yes Milk is amazing, I love oscar season. I hate january and february when all the crappy movies come out ugh
  11. Let's go to the Movies...

    quote: Originally posted by Amazing_Journey: quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: we saw slumdog millionaire on friday. it was epic. highly recommended. I'm pretty picky with my movies and i was surprised when i walked out of that theateer with the hugest grin on my face- Slumdog millionaire has got to be one of my favourite movies of all time-it just knocked several of the old ones off the list. This movie is fantastic! it will definitly win best picture at the oscars tonight! Kate winslet better win at least one oscar tonight or I will be pissed, she was incredible in the reader
  12. Go Jeff Go!

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: STOP the madness. We just got Taylor to understand what you meant by lower case g. You start doing this stuff and she gets offended again, you're on your own pal! What the hell is your problem sunshine!!! jk jk I don't care I think it's funny, and i'm glad i have a nickname
  13. Go Jeff Go!

    lol well im glad you figured it out
  14. Go Jeff Go!

    o ok sorry i thought u meant you have a great future and great with a lower case G I was like o uhh thanx? but i read it wrong I feel like such an idiot, I'm a little too sensitive at times
  15. Go Jeff Go!

    wow thanx for the amazing compliment! I would love to have a voice like ann wilson but I don't think I do at all. I try and practice though