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  1. Fellow Musicians

    Well guitar happens to be my life, aside from Regina Ive been playing piano for six years now And I just started alto sax.

    i have not posted in a while but this is a good post to start my posting back up HAPPY BIRTHDAY REGINA!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The Golden Compass

    well i read all three books and the movie I think was made to childishly because the books are really not for children.
  4. TOP 5 GIGS OF 2007 ......

    I couldn't agree more, I'm just wondering how did you come up with this list?
  5. I've been busy...converting friends!

    i just met this one person and we were talking about our musical intrests and I told her about regian she went and listenedto her, and now she wants me to make a cd, I think this one could become a true fan, and mabye even a brumstixer
  6. Brümstix Letter Book

    just have to throw my 2 pence in I'm a 15 year old freshman! boy, I think, just kidding i'm In!
  7. Things I have loved I'm allowed to keep.
  8. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    L'anglais c'est barbant, et toi?
  9. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    All right i'm in french 1 and were still in the first semester so bear with me. J'aime appelle Guillaume J'ai quinze ans. J'adore "Apres Moi, et "Ne Me Quitte Pas." Au revoir!
  10. Regina songs in movies?

    on the Dan in Real life sondtrack Regina does a song with someone, but it's not in the movie
  11. To wear or not to wear?

    frame it and then buy another one to wear
  12. say something nice...

    Perks you're awesome because you are a wallflower (I think tell me if i'm wrong) and I am to and it's great because were individuals
  13. Chai Tea..! I know, not soup.

    My favorite coffeshops are all local so if ant of you for some odd reason come to Omaha check out Crane Coffee, Blue Line, and Caffine Dreams
  14. facebook anyone?

    ok if anyone here gets creeped out by will crane adding you it's me
  15. You all r o c k !!!!!

    well I get my liscense next year so I'll just tell my parents i'm going tio New York to meet a bunch of people that like Regiina as well as me!