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  1. misheard lyrics

    "nachos with cocoa, hate to eatchas, ohhhh" and also in bobbin' for apples, i always thought she was saying "you'll never forgive me for the love you owe me"
  2. Twists of Fate/Strange Happenings/Odd Coincidences.

    and hello alicia! we were playing 20 years of snow when we drove by, but i couldn't think fast enough to tell my dad to blast the volume. oh well.
  3. Twists of Fate/Strange Happenings/Odd Coincidences.

    I was gooooingg to post on a little regina miracle that happened to me today in the thread that alicia oh so coincidentally started, but she already posted it...
  4. Asheville, NC Nov 17 2009

    can i just say that i love your name/signature, henry, and mu sister goes to UNCG!!! and i feel really bad you guys that you didn't get tickets it's really cool to know that there are a bunch of other north carolinian regina fans! but then i feel bad for you when you don't get tickets to the NC show
  5. Meeting Regina

    so if i wait an hour or so after my first regina show next month, will i definitely get to meet her and/or get a picture and/or autograph?
  6. Asheville, NC Nov 17 2009

    just bought my tickets!!!!! I'm so excited!!! my first regina show!!!!! anyone else going?
  7. Chemo Limo

    whoah. i've always interpreted "crispy crispy benjamin franklin" as like the ghost of benjamin franklin, crispy from being electrocuted by that kite. when i read that Jay Z's song sampling chemo limo was called Crispy Benjamins, it all made sense! and her dreaming that she has the money to take care of the kids and be ok makes so much more sense than the ghost of benjamin franklin. wow. wow wow wow. it all makes sense!
  8. Asheville, NC Nov 17 2009

    YESSSSS. I hereby apologize for all my bitching about regina not coming to NC. I just really really hope my mom will let me go...
  9. B.Y.O.S.

    I always thought of this songs as like, she was invited to Mata Hari's funeral and the invitation said bring your own shovel to bury her yourself. it seems to me to be talking about people's obsession with death and tragedy and drama, like everyone gets excited about the execution and then they all want to bury her themselves. and all the strange and cruel things that everyone's doing because it's part of their nature are starting to rub off on regina, and she's starting to want to do something nasty as well. and you can imagine how these feelings would shake one up. that's just how i've always read it, and it just made sense to me, but i doubt i'm making sense to any body else.
  10. is this the whole tour?

    haha. i didn't think anyone would notice little old me disappearing for a while.
  11. is this the whole tour?

    NORTH CAROLINA! what about north carolina, regina???
  12. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    I have waited for this day! I really hope she gets a cameo in a skit, but i think they usually just do that with really famous people. The only ones that come to mind are Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, and once when they intended to have Gnarls Barkeley(sp?). Still, i plan to hold on to this dream until october 10th: they write a line or two for her, she does it, she's amazing as always, everyone on the cast loves her, they immediately invite her to host sometime soon, she does, it's the best episode of SNL ever. there are lots of skits with her and kristen wiig. this episode catches the attention of people casting movies, and her acting career takes off from there. I've desperately wanted to see her in a movie since i think i read that she wanted to do that at some point in her career in some article. And that speaking part in long brown hair would be enough for me to cast her in anything.
  13. Loveology?

    I think that regina could definitely pull it off if she wanted to, and i wish she would. but hasn't she stopped playing this song? even though it's such a favorite?
  14. I think On the Radio is a good choice. so happy.
  15. (500) Days of Summer

    I just saw it tonight too, and the movie was good but I really, really, loved how Hero was used in the movie. It was very well done.