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  1. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    I have a perfect ticket for taping this show, unfortunately, I can't go. If anyone is willing to record the show for the nyctaper site, please send me an email there.
  2. Regina on WFUV on June 23, 2009

    I forgot and no one sent me a reminder email.
  3. Regina on WFUV on June 23, 2009

    If someone sends me a reminder email at about 8:30pm at nyctaper@nyctaper.com I will hopefully get a decent enough signal to record this off the FM receiver onto a digital recorder at 16bit wav quality.
  4. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    Thanks Greg, I edited the post and used your bottom photo, that's a great shot. I did crop it a little remove some of the black space and that guy's head. Kept the rose in the pic though!
  5. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    Alright, I just posted last night's recording: http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=1232
  6. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    The complete audio will be available tonight. I'll post the link when its ready. All the post-production is done, and I'm tracking it now. I have to upload to the server and then, you know, actually go to work and then come home later and post it.
  7. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    "you who accuse the dying of lying, can't tell fake from honest crying"
  8. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    There is a complete audio recording on my hard drive. I'm going to have to do some post-production (reducing clapping, etc) but its pretty sweet sounding. And yes, amazing show.
  9. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    I think we're pretty covered in terms of quality of equipment. Some of you may recall my recording of Regina at Hammerstein Ballroom in 2007. Same equipment tonight.
  10. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    I'll be there in the orchestra, hopefully capturing audio.
  11. McCarren Park Pool August 15, 2008

    That walk from the hotel on Broadway to McCarren Park Pool is actually pretty far, a good 20 minutes. Anyway, just thought that some of you might like to know that I have a ticket for this show and will be capturing it for posterity.
  12. Hammerstein 2007-10-16 - Flac Download

    Looks good.
  13. Hammerstein 2007-10-16 - Flac Download

    By all means, please go ahead. All I ask is credit and a link. Your site is a great resource!
  14. Hammerstein Ballroom

    As long as we're in the mutual admiration society today, I just want to add a little something about my concert experience and this site. I have attended over 60 concerts this year, from a large variety of acts. That includes many experiences with crowds of all makes and models. Of all those concert crowds, the people at the Regina show at Hammerstein were my favorite. Even considering that there were a lot of seen-and-be-seen people there, it was still a crowd filled with supportive and attentive fans, who were extraordinarily courteous to other fans. I told my wife this was probably because the crowd was a majority of women, but its probably more because the fans of this artist are intelligent and self-aware people. And this forum, of all the many forums I have posted in over the last year--this forum has shown perhaps the most appreciation and respect for my recording of any group on the web. So, I just wanted to say thanks! You guys rock.
  15. Hammerstein 2007-10-16 - Flac Download

    Try MacFlac or xACT to convert to a burnable format.