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    robertaxel reacted to thefinalfling in Edinburgh show and The New Colossus   

    I saw Regina in Edinburgh this week after what seemed like forever since I saw her last.
    The show was great as always, but especially noteworthy was her recital of The New Colossus to start the show. This was in response to there being 'a new asshole in The White House' who had dismissed the poem and its imortance as it was only added to the Statue of Liberty later. Obviously as an immigrant to New York it means a lot to Regina and her speech beforehand, and the recital itself was very moving. I wish I could have recorded it but the venue had a very strict no photo/video policy.
    (The show that followed was amazing too, and it was fun to see the guitar back!)
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    robertaxel reacted to Regismemory in Regina KEXP Album   
    i know many were disappointed in Live On Soundstage, and nothing has been released about the removal of the record on itunes. I purchased the physical dvd cd bundle so i could get it a week early, and i was so exited. Regina always delivers, and given that it was her first time performing these songs live, i admire the album. anyway for those of you who are still looking for live Remember Us To Life, i put together her KEXP preformance, as a live album. listen on my soundcloud below. to download the album visit check out my other stuff on the site too!
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    robertaxel reacted to BeginToHope in US Solo Tour Fall 2017!   
    Hello, Respektors!
    In case you haven't heard, Regina is having a solo tour this fall!
    Here is the article that was posted on her official website
    "Hi dear friends!
    I am very happy to announce that in the fall, (October 20,2017-November 19th, 2017) I will go on a small and special tour around the USA! 
    I haven't done a tour like this in a long while, and it will be just me and a piano (and probably my little blue guitar too:-) 
    I'll be traveling and playing songs from all over the place and time, some have been recorded on records, and some never really out there except thanks to kind souls who recorded my shows (thanks, you know who y'all are:-) Will play some new and never before heard songs too probably, cause that'll be fun! I'll be stopping in cities the band and I didn't get to visit the first time around. 
    Tickets for most shows go on sale to the general public on July 14. 
    If you are in any of the cities below, or have friends and family you want to visit (road trip!!!) then please click on the links and get your tickets!
    10/20 - Tucson, AZ -  Rialto Theatre | TICKETS  10/22 - Anaheim, CA -  House of Blues | TICKETS 10/23 -  San Diego, CA -  Balboa Theatre
    10/25 -  Phoenix, AZ -  Celebrity Theatre
    10/26 -  Albuquerque, NM -  Popejoy Hall
    10/29 -  Kansas City, MO -  Uptown Theater | TICKETS 10/30 -  Des Moines, IA -  Hoyt Sherman Place | TICKETS 11/1 -  Lincoln, NE -  Rococo Theatre
    11/2 -  Milwaukee, WI -  Riverside Theater | TICKETS 11/4 -  Grand Rapids, MI -  20 Monroe Live | TICKETS 11/5 -  Cincinnati, OH -  Taft Theatre | TICKETS 11/7 -  Pittsburgh, PA -  Palace Theatre | TICKETS 11/8 -  Reading, PA -  Santander Performing Arts Center | TICKETS 11/10 -  Wilmington, DE -  The Queen | TICKETS 11/11 -  Baltimore, MD -  The Hippodrome
    11/13 -  New Brunswick, NJ -  State Theatre | TICKETS 11/14 -  Northampton, MA -  John M Greene Hall at Smith College | TICKETS 11/16 -  Albany, NY -  Palace Theatre | TICKETS 11/17 -  Englewood, NJ -  Bergen PAC | TICKETS 11/19 -  New Haven, CT -  College Street Music Hall | TICKETS For now- I hope this letter finds you doing well, or if not super well, then at least on your way to well, you know?
    See you out there, and sending all best summer wishes,
    regina-pianina spektorina"
    If you subscribed to the newsletter, pre-sale is tomorrow at 10 AM local time.
    I am so excited for this! 
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    robertaxel reacted to BeginToHope in Order "Live On Soundstage"!   
    UPDATE! "Live On Soundstage" is now on Qello Concerts!
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    robertaxel reacted to BeginToHope in Unable to redeem album with ticket purchase   
    Try this.
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    robertaxel reacted to darcypoppins in "Us" inspired high school students!   
    Hi - I'm a teacher at Bainbridge High School, Bainbridge Island, Washington.  Some of our Winterguard students liked "Us" so much they decided to do their performance piece to it.  Each student is a different statue (Shakespeare, Hillary Clinton, James Dean, a Roman warrior, a Greek goddess, a 50's housewife, Elvis, etc) striking poses.  
    I'll try to attach the facebook video...If it doesn't work, I'll see if I can get the photographer to post it.  It's a beautiful, silly, fun performance!!  
    Thanks for letting me share!

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    robertaxel reacted to BeginToHope in Your Regina Collection!   
    my regina spektor collection :-)
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    robertaxel reacted to Barth in New York Rhapsody on PBS   
    Bought the dvd since the stream will not be there forever and, for some reason (probably SIre) she is not on the CD.  Someone more talented than me will have to rip Moon River to pass along to all of us.  It was and is incredible and proves again that we need an album of standards from her
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    robertaxel reacted to tallchick in Regina on PBS Soundstage   

    shared on reg fb group. thought id post here
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    robertaxel reacted to dunnogr in Royal Festival Hall, London - 14,15/11/2016   
    I'm happy to report that we made it on time, and Regina was a bit late anyway. The show was amazing. It was a dream come true for me. And my baby daughter was moving along to the bit, and clapping away at the end of each song!
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    robertaxel reacted to sweetness in my lungs in Interviews & Appearances   
    Here's a Swedish interview by Spotify. Let me know if you want me to translate it. Maybe google translate is good enough.

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    robertaxel reacted to sweetness in my lungs in Cirkus, Stockholm, October 31st, 2016   




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    robertaxel reacted to sweetness in my lungs in Cirkus, Stockholm, October 31st, 2016   
    So I went to the show 6 days ago and wanted to share the story, some pics and videos WOT ahead.
    I was so happy when they added a show in Sweden. As you all can imagine...
    I dragged my now husband along. He has come with me once before for a Reggie concert, but the long wait was kinder then because it was summer. We arrived super early. Super. Ridiculously. But hey. If you're going to another city to see the best artist, musician and one of the top people in the world you might as well go all in. So we did. We were there at one. The doors would open at five. We thought. Turned out that it was seven. As we waited it got colder and colder. We actually went to buy some blankets to wrap around us. The people who walked by us thought we were homeless. But that's an interesting experience in its own. The next people who came and stayed in line with us arrived at four. They were four first-timers. Really fun to be able to tell them all about her concerts and songs and stuff!
    A very nice security guard let us in at like 5:30 and promised us we'd be first in line and would be able to hang our coats without falling back. So from then on everything was great
    She was a bit late out on stage, and I think she played like 90 minutes. People were so slow at filling their seats... They dropped in like 40 minutes after it was supposed to start. We had fun watching the stage crew set up reggie's water bottles and mugs and towels. They must've been out like 3-4 times each fixing the placing of things a cm at a time. I saw a guitar amplifier and realised we would be hearing You've Got Time (Jack wasn't there, it was someone else playing).
    She finally came out on stage and she was dressed up as a cat! Can you imagine? You haven't seen her in 3 years and expect a certain thing and out comes a cat-Regina. It was awesome though. The whole show was filled with jokes about her tail and ears.
    She was so talkative! And she had her eyes open more than she used to. Especially during the Trapper verses. It was so cool. I've known all of her little gestures and faces and sounds when playing the old songs. But I didn't have that information with the new songs. It was like watching someone totally new at some points. She looked up at the cieling, looked down with a thoughtful face at the keys (have a photo of that), did things with her feet and so on... So it was a very special show. I spent most of it just listening and watching. Didn't photograph that much either.
    It was a real treat hearing old songs like SECG and Sailor Song too. Like visiting old friends. She has kept the moves for SECG. And Better was a nice surprise. The audience clapped really well too. We kept the tempo for a very long time. I have never heard the ending that long. She really dragged it out, improvising singing while we clapped. So much fun...
    The highlights for me were Small Bill$, Sellers of Flowers, The Trapper and the Furrier, Obsolete (which was SO beautiful. I think it might be the song where she sings the prettiest. Not pretty as in boring. Pretty as in long clean notes and a lot of feeling)... And Après Moi. I had somehow forgotten about the song. It didn't occur to me that she might play it. It was marvellous. It was perfect. Some people I talked to afterwards said the same thing. Oh, how I would have liked to have it recorded...but maybe it's better that I don't. I wanna remember the feeling of that performance as it was.
    It was obvious he was having so much fun during this show! She was more vibrant than I have ever seen her. At one point I told her (I was right in front of her, and the audience was quiet) that we were having such a great time and she responded that she was too and I feel like she really connected to the audience. She was so open and honest and we all just loved being there.
    She also seemed very connected to her band. She and Yoed looked into eachothers' eyes during both the NMQP interludes. She seemed to joke with Brad when he forgot to start the same song. Laughed with Mattias when they didn't manage to start at the exact same beat...
    As you might have already seen on the brümstix facebook group she had some things to say about Karlsson på taket - a fictional character by Astrid Lindgren. That she - like all Russians - loved him and that she always tried to get some Karlson stuff when she was in Sweden, but that she couldn't find it anywhere. And she was asking us if anyone had any connections so that we could lift the copyright. It was very funny. But I actually don't think that there's something going on with the copyright. I just think he isn't that popular so that it's too expensive for the stores to get stuff in stock. I read someone had told her it was expensive in an interview I will be posting in that thread. It also says she wanted to buy the stuff for her son, which I had already guessed
    Some anecdotes:
    When she stood up to go to the mic for SB she was like "Aaah, she walks", because everyone clapped. "She's not just over there... Oh, and she's got a tail. Life is so much harder with a tail. Or well... I guess if you have a tail you're used to it and it isn't that hard...". When talking about Karlsson she asked to dim the lights and was like "Let's always play shows in the dark. I'm a cat anyway. You know what a cat looks like." She forgot the words for Us. She made the second line "and later say it's all our fault" and got lost. So we helped her quote the correct line and she was like "okok, then what?" and we ended up quoting the whole verse. She asked us to sing along, and when we did she shouted smiling "That helps a lot!" (Ah, she was so FUNNY!) After playing the intro to Samson (the last song) shew said: "Maybe I should take my ears of for this one..." Like this was the only serious song and then: "Without them I think I look like a mouse..."  
    Afterwards only my husband and I waited by the back door. We still had to stand behind a security fence. The guards didn't want to answer if she had left, and I understood they weren't allowed. The bus was still there. And then she came out after we had only waited for 10 minutes! I had been so relaxed until then. Like it was just Regina. I have met her three times before. I had some irrational feeling of wanting to tell her how I had been, that I got married and is studying medicine now. But then I realised we hadn't met in 6 years, that she had no idea who I was and that I hadn't thought about what to say. I went all Poussey meets Judy King.
    She was walking towards us and all I could do was wave. And when she came up to us I rambled something about what a great show. The first thing she did was offer us fruit. Said they had plenty. So I had some Regina tour-fruit while my husband dug out the playlist we had gotten for her to sign. We got two pictures with a horrible flash. She joked about us being in jail like Karlsson because you could see the fence in the picture. I told her we had met before, and that the first time was in the same spot after the "polite Swedish psychic"-thing. And she remembered. That made me feel cool. At least she knows she's got a Swedish fan that's been with her since then. Then she said she needed to get back to the bus because of the cold. Probably didn't want to get ill. I asked her for a hug, she said of course, and then she was gone. And we alked off. Me questioning everything I had said, wishing I would have let her known how much her music has meant to me and how much it has shaped me. And congratulated her on the baby.
    The setlist is listed below. Links to youtube videos. The thing is they had told us that we absolutely were not allowed to tape. And to my face since I was in the front. They were really on about it. Like "If you take a photo - make it quick and then bring the camera down. Otherwise it might look like you're filming". So most of it is recorded from between me and my husbands elbows and sometimes I point the camera at different directions. And I didn't record much. Small Bill$ and The Trapper and the Furrier are really worth watching though. Cut the very low and very high frequiencies on your speakers...I will need to buy a new camera with a better mic for next time.
    On the Radio
    Grand Hotel
    Older and Taller
    Bleeding Heart
    Sailor Song
    Small Bill$
    Sellers of Flowers
    Black and White
    You've Got Time
    Après Moi
    Silly Eye Color Generalizations
    Trapper and the Furrier
    Blue Lips
    Ne Me Quitte Pas
    The Visit
    Hotel Song
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    robertaxel reacted to brayd13 in Remember Us To Life tour!   
    Just saw her in toronto a couple weeks ago and she was amazing! Decided i'm going to make the trip and see her at Radio City!
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    robertaxel got a reaction from brittanyemily in Remember Us To Life tour!   
    Spring tour dates !
    Hi dear humans (and their pets, if you're reading this aloud) 
      I'm very excited to announce this spring's tour of the US (and Montreal!).   All the dates announced so far are below. Everyone on my mailing list (that’s you!) will have the first opportunity to get tickets using a special password beginning this Tuesday November 1st at 10am local venue time.  

    The password is: thelight   Links to the ticket pages for each show are below, some links won't be live until Monday morning. If you miss the presale, tickets go on sale to the public on Friday November 4th.   It's been so fun playing all these shows so far.    Cheers from the European Tour! See you on the road!   regi 

    ps: If you haven’t gotten my new album Rememeber Us To Life yet, every pair of tickets includes a CD or download copy of it!      MAR 5 Metropolis Montreal Get Tickets MAR 6 Lupo's Heartbreak Providence, RI Get Tickets MAR 8 Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA Get Tickets MAR 9 State Theatre Portland, ME Get Tickets MAR 11 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY Get Tickets MAR 13 Fillmore Philadelphia, PA Get Tickets MAR 14 DAR Constitution Washington, D.C. Get Tickets MAR 16 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA Get Tickets MAR 17 The Fillmore Charlotte, NC Get Tickets MAR 20 Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN Get Tickets MAR 23 Fillmore Detroit, MI Get Tickets MAR 24 Chicago Theater Chicago, IL Get Tickets MAR 26 The Palace St. Paul, MN Get Tickets MAR 29 Fillmore Denver, CO Get Tickets MAR 31 The Complex-Rockwell Salt Lake City, UT Get Tickets APR 2 Keller Auditorium Portland, OR Get Tickets APR 3 Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA Get Tickets APR 7 Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA Get Tickets
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    robertaxel got a reaction from Croadie in Boston Orpheum Fan Presale Code?   
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    robertaxel reacted to brittanyemily in Remember Us To Life tour!   
    Yay! Can't wait to finally see a Regina Spektor concert!!!
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    robertaxel reacted to pwburney in Town Hall Show Monday Night   
    It was an incredible show. So much heart and passion. I found someone to take the ticket who had missed an opportunity to see Regina back in 2009 and regretted it. She was thrilled with the experience so my work here is done. :-)
    P.S. I would love for Regina to come to New England. We love her up here too!
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    robertaxel reacted to HerSweetestDownfall in Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)   
    Dude, this made me laugh so freakin' hard! I love it!
    Thing is, you don't get to choose your Regina. Your Regina chooses you.
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    robertaxel reacted to legerdemain in 2016-09-30 KCSN Unplugged Session   
    it's already going on the facebook group for a few days, but still
    and for those of us who like to to collect these things, here's a link to downloading the whole session:
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    robertaxel got a reaction from panda64 in Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)   
    It's heeeeere...

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    robertaxel got a reaction from bum bum bum in favorite song from each album   
    Glad this is bumped up.. 
    11:11 Braille
    Soviet Kitsch - The Flowers
    Begin to Hope - Apres Moi
    Far - Calculation (or One More Time with Feeling)
    Cheap Seats - All the Rowboats 
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    robertaxel reacted to bum bum bum in Interviews & Appearances   
    I really like the fan interviews!
    Rolling Stone 'Talks Colorful New LP' 9/30/16
    Late Show with James Corden 'Small Bill$' 9/30/16
    NPR "I see my family in everybody" 10/3/16
    Chicago Sun Times Article 10/5/16
    Reddit AMA 10/5/16
    KCSN Live Session 9/30/16 (I'm pretty sure she played most of if not the whole album here)
    Kyle Meredith
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    robertaxel got a reaction from bum bum bum in Interviews & Appearances   
    Regina is the musical guest tonite on the Late Late Show with James Corden.
    CBS 12:37 AM EST
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    robertaxel got a reaction from bum bum bum in Interviews & Appearances