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  1. If anyone needs sheet music...

    That would be amazing! Thank you!
  2. If anyone needs sheet music...

    I have a question... I searched the regispek group and can't find sheet music to The Bronx. I'd LOVE to learn how to play it. (for one, it sounds simple. I'm not a trained piano player but that one sounds do-able! and two, it's one of my favorites.) Am I overlooking something? Thank you so much!!
  3. In search of the Holy Grail...

    VERY cool!!! Is there any update one a release or can it be viewed somewhere?! I'm soo curious about this!!!
  4. New music we should all hear

    @Be Like the Water: I TOTALLY agree! I love that you compared these guys to Freelance Whales, it's actually what made me check them out! They definitely sound similar but Imagine Dragons has their own fun sound! Love it! Have you guys heard of Family of the Year? I discovered them a while back and now they're on all sorts of commercials! They're fun groovy tunes that are perfect for summer
  5. Regina Song Showdown!

    Ohhh, my two favorite songs!!! I'd have to say I Cut Off My Hair, by a hair. Just cause we now have a clear version of it! School Is Out vs Cinderella?
  6. I'm sure you're not refering to this demo version of Time Is All Around, but: It has a lot of views, so I'm sure you know of it.
  7. From the uploader of the Youtube trade video~ "Dear Regina Spektor Brumstix readers, I am a fan of Regina. I love her work, and Love it when new things come out. None of the things I'm offering are rare from her; they are just uncommon. And in defense of trading... I just don't think that all of the songs that I have here should be out there! Most of them are, if you look hard enough, but there's a reason that they aren't all over the internet. Finally, I cannot stress this enough--- I AM NOT A HOARDER. If someone polite asks for a song, and I have no reason to think them undeserving, I WILL send them it. However, not everyone seems like a respectable enough person to share with! If any of you would like to talk more to me about this, just send me a PM. And yes, I took off my 3 "Beauty" leaks." And wow!! What a find in that Baby Jesus version, Kb93! Do you think that both versions are actually demos, or one (or both) of them are clear recordings. I find it weird that she'd record a demo of a song twice, especially because they're rather similar.
  8. Okay I just created an account just to ask this "spektography" person about their demos. I specifically asked about Loveology and here's what they said: "Sorry, I'm only interested in trading it for other rare songs of hers. But I just got a message from another person saying they got the demo from someone else, so keep looking around. It even might show up soon if enough people get it" WTF?!!
  9. quote: Something tells me this person is a prankster. Seems like they just signed up yesterday. Someone should contact them! Isn't spektography run by someone named Gavin, though? Agreed...the Loveology in their playlist is the same time as the live version as well. Jessica still gets my curiousity though. And does a demo of "Lady" exist that we know of?
  10. Speaking of people hoarding rare Regina songs, I have a question. I looove the Spektography youtube channel, so I researched to see where else they'd be on the web. A user who goes by Spektography is on, and has really rare song titles on their playlist: A demo of LOVEOLOGY and JESSICA?! wow. A little too hard to believe. I don't know too much about, but does this look legit or is it one of those times where people just do it to stir things up?? Spektography is a reputable source but who knows if it's even the same person who runs the youtube channel. Idk, this just left me confused.
  11. ^ Man, that's just so wrong!! I was shaking my head the whole time I was reading through lol. I read through the comments too, and I saw this: "@AlderOfBirds, Loveology is 5.38 and Uh Merica is 3.19" Isn't that the length of the version we all have already? So this Grinch2466 might just be claiming the live version is a demo. Either way, it's unfortunate people have to be so selfish with their music :/
  12. As far as "I Cut Off My Hair" being "The Party" on WWSFTCS, I tweeted to Reginapolis about it and here's what they had to say: "@mouseology No, it won't be! "The Party" is a new song. If it was the same song, there would've been copyright removals already! :-)" If that's the case, then I'm not as heartbroken as I would've been, cause now we have this super amazing demo version
  13. quote: Originally posted by benmoody0220: quote: Originally posted by ShutMeUp: They're definitely demos. The length of the first version of a track scrobbled on last fm is the standardized track length. But these songs are all in a folder labeled demos. The demos are out there, people just aren't sharing. We just need to be more proactive about asking for them. They can't ignore all of us. It isn't as simple as asking for them. If it was, then we'd all have them by now. What would motivate them to exchange them would be a trade. Offer them something you know (or think) they want and they'll hand it over. It's kinda how I got all of Amanda Palmer's unreleased tracks (oops, did I say that outloud? No..I typed it. Oh well). Just a bit of advice. Happy Hunting, Stixers! Well that's disheartening. It's a shame people think they're more elite because they have their hands on a certain recording. If they really want to feel special, why not share their rare songs? They'd get so much love and attention from us. Just look how grateful we are to Jesse! There really isn't any point on holding on songs for themselves. It doesn't make them more of a fan. I think it actually makes them less of a fan because they don't respekt her songs enough to share them.
  14. MOCKINGBIRD (1999) HQ 221kbps VBR MP3

    Wow, can't believe how much better it sounds!! Wish all the songs from 1999 sounded this good. Thanks again, Jesse. Wherever you're getting these awesome songs, keep it up! We really appreciate all the hard work
  15. I've heard three of these and I thought that was bad. This is like the entire musical! Is it bad that I want to hear it? I know Regi is strictly opposed to these leaks, but I'm a HUGE musical fan, and a Regina musical?! ugh. too exciting for words. But I have to respekt her wishes and not pursue listening to these. Doesn't look like I could even if I tried. LOL. I really do feel bad about whoever is leaking all this material. If Regina doesn't want these out in the world, people need to learn to listen to the artist. It only makes people jealous/angry that they don't have songs they haven't heard yet.
  16. But his bio DOES say: "me saying stupid things for attention." soooo...who knows?
  17. quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: I really believe that if everyone worked together that we'd have more success in tracking down some of these demos, if they're out there somewhere. I agree 10000000%! quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: Do you have a link to that tumblr post?! Who is this person? I think it's the same Jesse that dug up I Cut Off My Hair: EDIT: Just search "Loveology" and it'll take you to his post.
  18. ^ Ahhh so it can be on your personal library and not for everyone to hear. And RealReality - I saw that post too and wondered the same thing! It could just be a coincidence though. But I do hope whoever that person is gives this new demo a listen and decides to hand over Loveology is they do in fact have it Then my life would be complete. Oh, and a "You" demo would be great too.
  19. Sorry, I'm new to and know next to nothing about it. What good does having a song title have if you can't play it? lol And it's also head-scratching that they say they share everything that comes their way then these rare songs pop up on a playlist...
  20. This. This right here is why it's so unbelieveably rewarding to be a Regina fan. All these songs, so much mystery/discovery!!! Thank you so much, Jesse! You've made my month!! So eleated right now I like to believe it's only a matter of time before these other legendary demos surface.