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  1. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    Sorry to be so pedantic, but how is exactly did she say 'No way' As in, reading it, it comes across quite harsh or was it just said in a firm but not 'mean' way? I just can't even imagine Regina being mean. She managed to say "Shut the f*** up" in the cutest way possible
  2. quote: Originally posted by AveryPierce: I just got back from the Orlando show. Regina looked and sounded amazing as usual. There seemed to be a decent amount of Regina fans there which was good to see. The acoustics weren't too hot but I guess that's too be expected in an arena. Either way it was still a great experience to see her live and something I'll never forget. If anyone is interested in a setlist I can post one later today. I have a very very bad audio recording of the entire show but she didn't play any songs we haven't already heard so unless someone really wants it I'm not going to bother posting it. Nice Interesting, it seems like Regina is going to keep 'Jessica' under wraps until the album's release (correct me if I'm wrong but its the only new song from cheaps seats she hasn't performed). That either means its something really special or perhaps the arrangement is such that its difficult to replicate live (maybe unique production etc.)
  3. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    Oh I'll also say The Party reminds me of a mix of The Calculation and The Call, and I love it
  4. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    Not to be a parrot, but I'll repeat many thanks for the recordings and the accounts of the live show I love the new songs. I was surprised at how they appealed to me 'instantly'. Usually most of Regina's songs take a good few listens before I become obsessed with them. Now I'm very intrigued by Jessica. I wonder if she deliberately saved that song or if it was just chance that it happened to be the one left out (of the new songs). I was very nervous to hear how Small town moon had turned out (I love the recording I have with just vocals, piano and an eerie echo) but I was relieved that it turned out well (although it seems a lot lower than her other performances of the song even the recent HIAS. I was expecting the drumming (regina used to pat her piano during the performance anyway) and I was glad the final 'How can I leave without hurting every one who made me?' is still bare with no extra instrumentation (hopefully like that in the album version). As for Patron Saint; I love the new arrangement. Though I agree with the comment that it seems Regina has gone for a less playful approach. I think judging from the recordings the acoustics weren't great and that's why the drumming sounds 'tinny', so it should sound much better on the album and not drown Regina out (All the Rowboats has loads of production yet Regina's voice and piano stands out a lot better than most of Far's songs). Anyway very happy Oh and It's weird I was never a fan of Ballad of a Politician (I never disliked it just didn't care for it) but listening to it now it feels like classic Regina and feels very familiar which is a nice change. Firewood still needs to grow on me though :/ Also side note, I think Regina may have still been slightly under the weather in that performance. She sounds much better but I noticed she sang lower than normal and her voice sounded slightly strained with the higher notes.
  5. Dunno what thread to mention it in, but I was wondering if it was common knowledge that the youtube Spektography account is now closed Quite sad considering they had a great category of live recordings available, I wonder why they closed it?
  6. quote: Originally posted by tourniquet737: You're a saint Sent
  7. quote: Originally posted by tourniquet737: ~RANDOM~ Can anyone rip a copy of the "Baby Jesus" demo from that website? I can't figure it out and the quality is awful when I try to record it with Audacity. What's your email? I'll send it to you now
  8. quote: Originally posted by Scarecrow: Why isn't Loveology in the list? I mean we know there's probably a demo of the song somewhere out there. Edit: Oh sorry, it's because they are all from one particular recording from 2004.
  9. quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: Just wanted to confirm that Grinch2466 didn't have anything rare. I eventually got them to send me their whole "Demo Cassette" album, and it was all stuff we already had. Alas, including Loveology. Unless they quickly downloaded some live versions and put them in a folder called "Demo Cassette" to throw you off the scent. I joke, conspiracy theories are always good fun lol
  10. quote: Originally posted by tourniquet737: lol @ people pretending they're ~elite~ for having a "rare" recording if that's what gets you off, you have a pretty pathetic life edit: just did some digging....could this be the loveology "demo?" Do you not notice the irony?
  11. quote: Originally posted by jesse: the youtuber doesn't know what he's talking about, and has nothing rare. he has the fan-made compilation "demo cassette" which has been floating around for YEARS. Yeah but with one of the songs listed as 'Jessica' I agree with reginapolis/Aly that the person is probably a fake account trolling people.
  12. quote: Originally posted by SchoolIsOut: Speaking of people hoarding rare Regina songs, I have a question. I looove the Spektography youtube channel, so I researched to see where else they'd be on the web. A user who goes by Spektography is on, and has really rare song titles on their playlist: A demo of LOVEOLOGY and JESSICA?! wow. A little too hard to believe. I don't know too much about, but does this look legit or is it one of those times where people just do it to stir things up?? Spektography is a reputable source but who knows if it's even the same person who runs the youtube channel. Idk, this just left me confused. I really hope Jessica stays hidden before 'cheap seats' is released, because I think Regina would be disappointed if a new song was spoiled (if it is a new song anyway). I would love Loveology though (though I would kill for Virgin Queen ) It's interesting if Spectography really does have those songs, clearly Jesse was right in the sense that Spektography obviously goes to a lot of trouble to upload songs for people, but I presume has kept a couple away because it's the only way to get other rare ones.
  13. quote: Originally posted by jesse: unfortunately, the reality is that often a lot of work goes into getting secret unreleased songs, and once you get them, it can be part to want to part with them for free. the only time there can be an ideal way of managing this problem is if you know, for a fact, what is out there and have a specific goal. if you're collecting unreleased songs and trading them so that you can get "everything" and then leak it all at once, it'll never happen if you don't know everything you're looking for, because you'll always wonder "what if?" and on the other hand, if you leak something rare, it loses any trading value, and someone who has that rare song you want now has no reason to share it. my point is that even people with legitimately good intentions might be guilty of what's ultimately "hoarding" the songs. i do believe that if you know exactly what's out there, though, that it's valid. Yeah I do see what you're saying. You need to keep some tracks secret in order to get new tracks, but if you obtain all the ones you'll ever want then you'll feel like you can share everything with other people. Still, when we get people like you who kindly share the rare songs, it's difficult to not feel annoyed at those who keep the songs hidden. (Though I mean the entire system is annoying, rather than individuals who are just joining because they can't fight it).
  14. Okay so like others I have been doing some research and I stumbled across this user/video Now unfortunately all the Regina tracks this user has (in description) are pretty common and aren't exactly rare. However if you look at one of the comments they have replied to (Grinch2466 ) that person has something very interesting to say: @AlderOfBirds, I have these Regina Spektor demos Loveology, Raindrops, Uh-Merica and Scarecrow & Fungas. I am interested in Lana Del Rey demos Born To Die, National Anthem, This Is What Makes Us Girls and the other Diet Mountaun Dew. I am also interested in the Katy Perry Part Of Me ( demo ). Now this could be a false alarm but definitely a lead to follow (I've sent a comment just now but obviously no reply yet). Btw that whole video/comment really pisses me off considering a lot of those songs (like Regina's) have been cleared by the artist as fine to share, so this hoarding and secretive sharing just seems so pathetic. I won't go into it any further but the comments above sum up my feelings perfectly. EDIT: ooh excuse me for skim reading, but the user from the link actually does have some rare songs (If I'm not mistaken ofc) Full list: Regina Spektor: Chemo Limo (Demo) Left Hand Song (Live) Baobabs (Demo) Music Box (Demo) Carbon Monoxide (Demo) 20 Years of Snow (Demo) Time Is All Around (White Sessions) Folding Chair (White Sessions) Sailor Song (White Sessions) Bobbin' for Apples (White Sessions) Ghost of Corporate Future (Demo) The Sword and the Pen (Acoustic) In the Dead of Night {RARE!} Pure Perfection Baby Jesus (Studio Version) Dance Anthem of the 80s (Bodytime Remix) Back In
  15. quote: Originally posted by tourniquet737: Is there a link to this demo? (click the 's' and then 'regina spektor')