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  1. who have you converted to Reginaism?

    Sadly I have yet to convert anyone!
  2. misheard lyrics

    Oh and ofcourse; in Lounge I heard something in the direction of "Like larva in their incupated cars" I know incupated doesn't mean anything though
  3. i love you all.

    This place is so sweeeeet ! I've always known all of us reginafans are so loving(and giving hahaimsofunny) and smart and all that, but still how sweet:)
  4. Open (Down the road & up the hill)

    Wow, that really made sense ! That, and the piano one are how I like to understand the song:)
  5. Time is All Around

    Haha my favorite song :3 I've always really loved the lyrics. Especially the "Why am I supposed to love if I don't want to love, Why am I supposed to, I'm so tired" and "Everybody wants to say that you have changed, of course you've changed, you've changed you've changed your mind's been rearranged" The of-course-you've-changed-part, I always thought of it like "Ooh well ooh lala, of course you've changed" XD sorry for the sucky example though. But to me, this song is about getting tired of the old same things and maybe wanting to do new stuff, and people starting to judge. But then again thinking that maybe things could still change for better. You know? "Leaves become most beautiful when they're about to die" But actually, It can really have a thoooousand meanings, I could make up even more. It just fits in to every mood. by the way, sorry for cramming everything in to this comment, I just have so much to say and I'm such a beginner
  6. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I think it was last week, I had a Regina dream.. it was not a dreamy heavenly dream where I met her and we hugged and I said I loved her etc... though I wish ! In the dream, she died or something and it was horrible ): made me think how awful life would be without her ! But this week, I had a dream about her, again. It was better. I was at my school, just sitting in the classroom with people, but they weren't my classmates. Anyway, in the middle of the lesson, some kid came up to me and handed me this piece of paper. When I looked at it, I saw the cover of What we saw from the cheap seats and I got so excited because it was a ticket to her show in sweden !! I was so freakin happy, but I guess something happened and I didn't make it to the show.. Have you noticed how on a lot of our dreams of her, she just weirdly dissappears, or we don't get a proper "hold" of her anyway, love her and I can't wait to dream about her again ! <3
  7. What Reg songs can you play?

    Umm I can play a lot of songs from regina, I can't even remember all of them But guess what, I can play AB! Me and my sister figured it out since it hasn't got any sheet music. I wish I knew how to transcribe it though :3
  8. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Haha, I know right ! Everywhere in youtube I see the same names I see here I can relate to you. I guess I'll do the question thingy later cause I'm really busy. I'm a real newbie in here, but before i made and account i've read these things in here and you all seem such nice people.
  9. misheard lyrics

    in "that time" , at the "hey remember that time when i would only smoke camels" I heard "hey remember that time when i would only smoke candles" It really made sense to me