post your favorite photos of regina

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Photo by Mark Mahaney:

"I had about three minutes to take Regina Spektor’s picture. I had these grand plans for what to do for the photo and brought along a large format camera and……and ended up having to scrap all of them, including the camera. It was one of those days where her handlers arranged for her to have press appointments all day long. They chose to have them in a completely stale and corporate looking hotel room in midtown New York. I was told we had to stay in the room and I’m sure the slew of photographers meeting with her after our appointment were told the same. I pulled out my trusty RZ, ripped the bedsheet off the bed, taped it to the Days Inn like wallpaper and had Regina basically hug the window in order to get some light on her. I had my assistant juggling bounce cards to shape the light. I fired off 20 quick frames and my time was up. They wanted me to stop at 15 and I bought myself another 5. Why publicity people do things this way is a mystery to me. I mean, I think the photo turned out well and the client is happy. I made it work. But, why on earth they make it so difficult on photographers and writers to do their job, I have no idea. The more time and flexibility they offer, the better the people they represent will come across to the people they want as their audience."



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The first picture is the booklet cover and the second one is not on the booklet but when you open the album, it's to the left of the cd. (sorry, that's hard to explain it in english..)

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