post your favorite photos of regina

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I have no idea why they don't show up anymore...weird! The ones I posted were the bike "outtake" ones and the striped shirt ones. I really love the ones with the red boots. I really love them all actually. It kind of makes me sad that there are probably a ton of amazing pictures like these that are basically considered to be outtakes that we will never see :(  I had completely forgotten about that article so thanks for sharing it!

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I really like this one for some reason. The colors.



Soooo young! (I say and then I realize I'm this young...)

I have no idea if any of these have already been posted since I couldn't open the links.

The pics on this page[]=regina+spektor&people[]=&full[]=&sort=date&date_created_before=&date_created_after=&headline[]=&city=&state=&country=&source=&object=&byline=&objects[]=&caption[]=&date_created=05.17.2006

must be from the same occasion as the one where she has a bike. These two:

And as a bonus you get a great interview that I don't know if I have read before...

There's actually audio of that interview too:

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Went on a little regina search. Not sure if I've seen this. I've seen the one where she goes all Charlie's Angels with it but this smiling one...maybe.


From Jupiter One's blog 2010.



With Kimya Dawson's daughter.


"Consul General Turner congratulating Regina Spektor on her successful performance. (Photo Credit: U.S. Consulate General St. Petersburg)"


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