post your favorite photos of regina

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Now that is what I cal saying cheez!!! Geez Regina lol she always has the biggest smiles.

Originally posted by chanvb09:

we both look crazy but oh well! i had a volleyball game that night, and i still made it on time and changed to see her! haha

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There are a couple really cool pictures of her I've seen on Deviant Art (Click the links for the larger sized versions)

This one is a painting of an actual picture. It's simply just, unbelievable:

Regina Spektor by ~theinvisible9999


And this one, from '03, makes me wish she'd wear some clothes like this at shows more often, intermingling with her glamourous gown collection, haha:

Regina 2 by ~Jimbobbolooki


Also, this picture is on there too, but the file seems to be corrupted or something, because it's not loading. But here's the thumbnail of it. Too bad, because I distinctly remember it easily being the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Young Fan:


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"NEW YORK - MAY 11 Regina Spektor attends the John Lennon The New York City Years exhibit opening at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame"

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