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I love all the interpretations, but I find the song meaningful. I have read MANY folks' response to the song as having a meaningful affect on them as well.


And so, that makes it personal. As humans, we feel the emotion as the meaning - and words will fail us everytime at attempting to say it just right - my turn to fail.


I feel Samson is the story of a failed relationship. A woman falls in love with a man and she tries to change him. She notes she loved him as he was ... but if she were to look deep into her personal responsibility ... she has to leave, she is no good for him - he is her sweetest downfall.


He loves her, even when she bends him and changes him, he gives up who he was for something else. Because, with her he is SAMSON, she knows she is Delilah. She realizes the legends lovers make of each other, they are only special for the time they are together - then the stars falling on them ... it's just old light - nothing special at all.


The theme is cyclical and climaxes at a moment in time she knows she changed him and it repeats in her mind an she repeatedly concludes it was her downfall.


The legendary love they shared was nothing at all, he wasn't Samson, she wasn't right in changing him, and what was the point anyway since it would only be their shared memory ... 


The song, for me, has helped set my head straight. If you fall in love with me, then I need to have the self-respect and confidence to remain me. Sometimes love isn't about being what someone else wants, but being what someone else needs - someone that WILL bring the columns down.

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@Malcolm Reynolds: I don't think your words failed you at all - I really love your interpretation. The beautiful thing about Regina's songs (and great poetry in general) is that they can mean many things to many people. Amazingly, they can even mean many things to the SAME person - sometimes contradictory things! But for me, this song makes me think about the power of love to both help and harm. Like so many things, the impact of great love will depend on how the two people use it to help each other through life. This song is one of the most beautiful, poignant pieces of art I have ever experienced.

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