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What are you listening to right now?

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Belated Promise Ring-Iron & Wine


while sitting on a sheet on the lawn of my dorm.. it's so warm, especially for an Ohio October. there's a pleasant breeze, and a couple of my friends are out here with me, coloring. I'm so glad it's the weekend.

I'm a bit sleep deprived, as i had a restless night last night (and watch my old favorite TV show from the 90's until well past 2 am) but i think that's actually helped relax me. i've felt laid back all day.. it's been a long time since i've felt so peaceful.

I'm so glad it's the weekend. And i have this feeling like everything's going to be okay.

(the song's changed to God Made the Automobile, more Iron & Wine, and the music suits my mood just fine.)

I'll stop talking now... man am i glad it's the weekend. what a beautiful day. maybe i'll upload some pics..

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"actually did check some of her stuff out last night. If you're a big enough Regina fan to post around here and say this girl is BETTER than Regina and Regina would even agree.. I had to check her out. lol."

reply by bum bum bum

Hey, wow, I got someone to listen to and LIKE

Andrea Perry. You made my week. I assume bum bum bum refers to That Time?

Anyway, I'm listening to nothing. I knew it was coming, I've overloaded. I knew, somehow, that after Radio City, something would happen. Enough is enough, already. Christ, 50 decades.

Beatles, Donna Summer, 80s, Pearl Jam, freakin' Regina Spektor for goodness sake. I haven't even listened to Far all week, or much of anything. Maybe a little radio, but not loud.

Been reading Primary Colors, never read it, it's really good. These past few weekends, with the freakin radio, I mean it was absurd. Drinking myself into a stupor on weekends by midday, playing the thing on full, spinning the dial, writing stuff down. Silence is golden right now. Peace.

The minstrel in the gallery looked down

upon the smiling faces.................

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I hereby declare myself addicted to One More Time With Feeling Live @ SoHo.

And the rest of the album I finally got it, Pre ordered it but my internet got taken away from me on my computer....i Love it but am highly dissapointed that only SIX of the 13 songs were recorded, would love to hear Fidelity and The Calculation at this quality......Reg is the only artist I know of that actually sounds BETTER live lol.

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